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Difficulty with creating new Ocean tiles

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Hi all! Been a while since i posted here asking for help, but here I am. Tiles are one confusing thing.

So right now i'm currently trying to create a hotspring biome with new ocean tiles down in the caves


    primary_color =         {  100,   100,   100,  100 },
    secondary_color =       { 100,  100,  100,  100 },
    secondary_color_dusk =  { 100,  100,  100,  100 },
    minimap_color =         {  23,  51,  62, 102 },

local WAVETINTS = 
    shallow =               {0.8,   0.9,    1},
    rough =                 {0.65,  0.84,   0.94},
    swell =                 {0.65,  0.84,   0.94},
    brinepool =             {0.65,  0.92,   0.94},
    hazardous =             {0.40,  0.50,   0.62},

--Small Reminder, I doubt well add more ocean tiles, But the numbers we can use for modded ocean tiles are 231-247
AddTile("HOTSPRING", 232, "cave",
		noise_texture = "levels/textures/ocean_noise.tex",
		runsound = "dontstarve/movement/run_marsh",
		walksound = "dontstarve/movement/walk_marsh",
		snowsound = "dontstarve/movement/run_ice",
		mudsound = "dontstarve/movement/run_mud",
		flashpoint_modifier = 0,
		wavetint = WAVETINTS.shallow,
		ocean_depth = "SHALLOW",
	{noise_texture = "levels/textures/mini_water_coral.tex"}


I'm using this code and it mostly works! However there is one issue....




I get this weird foggy color on my ocean tiles, and I've got no idea how to fix this. I've tried playing around a lot but nothing seems to work, I tried changing the colors table that I have in my code to no effect.

I found something interesting though,



After some more messing around, I decided to set all ocean tiles rgb values to 255/255, and interestingly. It's the same weird fog/color that I have on my ocean tiles, so for whatever reason my hotspring tiles are defaulting to 255/255 rgb values despite me setting the color values?

I'm so lost at this point and i'm worried it's something that can only be fixed in the engine, and thus not accessible by modders. I'll be sure to answer any questions you have trying to help me!

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17 hours ago, thomas4846 said:

shame, senpie ultroman's knowledge is waning 

No, padawan. The wonders of the universe dwarf our capacity for knowledge and thus no one being can know everything at once.

j/k I just never worked with anything related to map generation :)

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