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[Automation Update] Add flippable options to the new circuits like the Signal Selector

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First off, let me just say thank you Klei for adding some really cool new circuitry options to play around with. :D I really love the notification alarm, very good idea to add the other options to it, too!

This could probably go for a few different things, but this is the example I threw together. I would really love it if I could flip (mirror) the new Signal Selectors so that say if I wanted to set up a 4 bit array of them, I could have two of them side by side instead of having to stagger them.


As you can see in the pic here, I would love it if I could flip the circuit so that it's mirrored and I could place it next to where I'm selecting it so that both out puts and all 4 inputs are aligned next to each other. Again, this could probably go for a few different circuits or even buildings for that matter, but would be a very nice QoL addition to the game.

Keep up the awesome work and stay healthy :)

EDIT: To clarify, I would love to have the option to both flip and rotate the circuit, so maybe have rotate to "O" and maybe flip to "Shift+O"? Something along those lines, I just also wanted to acknowledge that I know it can also be rotated, but flipping it would also be amazing!

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