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Please add Quitting Confirmation Dialog

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Can you please take 5 minutes to add a "Are you sure you want to quit the game?" dialog box. I'm getting tired of quitting the game trying to dismiss the skills window... Either that or remove the close box (X) from the window caption bar. Loading a game take 5 minutes now, so when this happens, 5 times a session, it's more than annoying.


This game UI "X too close skills" is too close the to the actual "X to close program"... It's not the first Game UI I see make that mistake, it is super annoying... The psychology of the "close button" on the right permits a thoughtless, fast and easy dismissal of a window. That's the reason it's on the upper right, move without aim, click without a thought... now if you have 2 X buttons on the same spot your mind often cannot counteract your default "aim for the X" reflex... 



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I like this problem!

It clashes 100% with my annoyance with the message "Are you sure you want to quit? You will lose all unsaved progress" that I always get after saving my progress and want to exit the game. So now I find out there is a hidden way to quit the game without confirmations... Thanks :D

But seriously, it is a quality of life thing. Accidental quitting is frustrating...


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On 2/23/2020 at 7:51 PM, Ambaire said:

One solution would be to allow for borderless window mode. Regular window mode was obsoleted at least half a decade ago.

Yeah, gone Are the thick frames. but the window still has borders else you could not resize it.

This game is more of a desktop app to me tbh. I like being able to resize, maximize and tile it with other things

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