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Needing lots of help with custom item mod

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Ok, so I would consider myself being new to modding since I've only made a few character mods, but right now I am struggling on understanding and creating a stand alone item mod so i can incorporate it into an existing character mod. 

I have read through multiple forums trying to understand what I am doing wrong or what I need to do and I'm always stuck. I have taken an already existing stand alone item mod and worked from there, leaving most of the stats alone for now until I can get it working. I'm having the common issue with the item being invisible when you equip it, spawn it in and have it in your inventory. Looking through lots of mods and files, I realise most of the pngs. of the items are all tex. and xml. files and I can never seem to find anything to properly convert the pngs to tex./xml. (if that's even something i need to do-)

I would really appreciate as much help I can get, I've been trying to figure this out for many weeks now and nothings working, I'll link any parts of the mod needed as well. Thank you!!!!

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I have made tutorial with template about that topic, so feel free to take a look.
Edit: One tricky part is creating functional .scml from Spriter, but Malacath explained this general principle in his amazing work.
Keep in mind that you need to pick .scml format and name that file with .scml at the end ([your.name].scml)  while saving Spriter project.

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@Yakuzashi I have done the first bit of the link you had sent me, with the ktech tools and made a "name" folder with spear anims which i havent touched yet, but the compiling bit of the tutorial confuses me. Once I load up the game, the mod I had used to allow me to spawn it in and pick it up and such without images, but now everytime I try to give myself the weapon via c_give it comes up with an error screen like this, and I cant find anywhere in the files to even begin to fix it- if it helps I can link the original mod i used as a template. Thank you!!


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IT WORKS!! Thank you so so so much!! I cannot thank you enough! I'm gonna go ahead and adjust some stuff! Also, if I may ask a few more things- if I were to implement this item mod into a character mod how would I do that? also is there a set resolution for the item image or can I just adjust it in Spriter?

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In order to implement item into character mod you need to create your own character with this tutorial. Then just copy and paste stand alone item mod and make little changes into modmain. My tutorial with template about custom items and tabs should be not that bad reference point. Unfortunately resolution is set for the image.

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