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Control materials brought in/out of base

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Currently i struggle a lot with base temperature, hot dirt in farm tiles is the main culprit.

Root cause is that my dupes love to bring in 70°C hot dirt from outside the base to fertilize the plants in farm tiles, although i have stored around 300t of cool dirt in containers inside the base, right next to the farm door, and 4 pip ranches inside the base continuously produce dirt <30° as well. 

I now collected ALL the hot dirt i dug up so far outside the base in containers as well, an then put them behind locked doors to prevent this.

Very frustrating and way to much micro management.

Is there a reasonable way to prevent this ?

If not, there should be.

My idea would be to solve it with extra options on doors/airlocks.

I can make access rules for individual dupes already, same could be possible for material.

(Which material is allowed to be transferred in which direction trough the door or not)

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The game doesn't have very good controls for which materials your dupes can use.  The best you can do is to use conveyor loaders (I believe).  You have a dupe live where the hot dirt is (and be delivered food, have a bathroom, etc) and have them take the dirt and put it in to conveyor loaders.  Then you can use the loaders and rails to move the dirt through a cold metal heat sink and dump it out in the base, where everyone else can use it.  Once the dirt is gone, you can move the dupe back in to your main colony.

But one thing to consider is that dirt has a high thermal conductivity.  What I do with my farms on Aridio is I build a row of farm tiles, then I build an ice tempshift plate over the farms.  This cools the tiles quite quickly and can be done in the early game. 

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Yes, this is pretty annoying. You have perfectly cool dirt and the hot stuff is given to your plants.  What I usually do is put a cooling loop over the plants because I failed to find any good other solution. I tried with "sweep only" and two compactor farms with doors before them (unlock one, sweep the hot stuff, unlock the other sweep the cold stuff, repeat), but it was far too tedious.

What would be nice if there was a "temperature gateway" door-like building where you can specify a min/max temperature for material that dupes are allowed to carry through. 

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This might not be accurate, as I'm new to this game. However, I have a similar problem. I solved this with local storage bins. Going by my observations so far, duplicants will deliver to the nearest available storage bin. I went into micromanagement and designating storage bins for single resources only (e.g. dirt). Dismantling this storage bin will deliver the content to the nearest available storage. Perhaps this will help you. I'm moving snow, polluted ice and ice this way to prevent them from melting until I figure out what to do with this.

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Another option that has its own drawbacks is adding access control to doors. Essentially some dupes (like farmers) have access to the farm areas but not to the outside base. Conversely other dupes (diggers/builders) have access to the outside but not to the farms. This means that the farmers won’t be able to reach hot dirt, and diggers would have no reason to bring in the hot dirt.

I did this once for regolith and it worked well. Water sieve dupes couldn’t access the surface, surface dupes could reach the sieve.

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