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[Mod Request] Alcohol station

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I think a fun idea for a mod to have a new recreational station that could have the following features. I think it would be a fun way to use ethanol for another purpose  

  • Drinking could remove certain rebuffs
  • Give large moral boost
  • have a buff that also has a drawback (reduced effectiveness or slower moment) that could be countered by restricting when they drink
  • have certain cost of food ingredients and time for the booze to ferment or supply ethanol directly and flavor (with various effects) with food items.
  • if possible maybe certain duplicates can get addicted or dependent if they drink too much/often and stop quickly.  
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This is a FANTASTIC idea!

The best part is that the game has a built-in mechanic that we can take advantage of - the diseases mechanic.

Thing is, the game already uses the mechanic in a similar manner with the "sweet scents" germ.  Most dupes are actually benefited by it, while a few are adversely effected.

We can make Alcohol into a new germ.  One that doesn't continuously spawn or spread, but is present in the alcoholic beverages.  Dupes that are Biohazardous will come down with alcohol poisoning one or two drinks (vomiting).  Dupes that are Disease Resistant can have a few more than the ordinary dupe.  And dupes with Iron Gut can drink til the cows come home without any ill effect.

The buff will be simple: a huge boost to moral.

The debuff is simple, too: a BIG hit to athletics, the condition "Drunk", and if they have enough drinks, "Alcohol Poisoning" which causes vomiting.

As for the drinks themselves, we can have it so that we have different recipes, just like with food.

In fact, we can have it so that it alcohol has two stages of prep, just like gourmet foods.

The first stage will be the Still, which will use water and ethanol.  Use Mushrooms to get beer.  Use Sleet Wheat to get whiskey.  Use Mealwood to get Vodka.  Use Nosh Beans to get Sake.

And then, the "gourmet level" prep can happen at The Bar, where the initial beverages can be mixed with Pincha Peppernuts, Bristle Berries, and Hexalent Fruit to make cocktails.

(I think this mod should also include a change to the Hexalent plant that makes it replantable - just treat it the same way as nosh beans and sleet wheat where the food product is also the seed stock.)

Finally, different drinks should have different amounts of buff/debuff.  That is, the stronger we decide to make a drink, the stronger the moral boost and athletics debuff, and the more "alcohol germs" it will have.

Whatcha think?

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