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Mod settings and crashing

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I'm fairly new with mods on Don't Starve because I originally started playing on the PS4, so I need some help here

1. My mod settings won't save

I've seen many other posts in different places about this same issue, but as far as I've checked it either randomly gets fixed by a dev or doesn't get any attention, so as far as solutions, I have no idea what to do

2. The game just crashes at times

I'm sure this is common too, but I don't really know what to do aside from turn off certain mods, and sometimes doing that seems to make no difference either so I'd just have to delete the server and try again
I atleast wish I could know which mods were crashing the game so I could just turn those off

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Check out this post. Scroll down to "Debugging". It'll tell you where the log files are located, and one of those logs can tell you which mod is broken or BEING broken by another mod. In the latter case, you're sometimes lucky that it prints both mod IDs i.e. "workshop-###########" where the #'s are the workshop ID of the mod (the numbers in the URL when you're on the mod's workshop site).


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