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Google Cloud Computing (GCP) Compute Engine Dedicated Server has too much lag

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I have a Google Cloud Computing account. I created a dedicated server for DST on Compute Engine with a virtual machine with 30GB of RAM and 16 cores of CPU. Our world was running just fine till day 800, but then we increased the amount of pig houses (around 100) and now we have a huge lag on the server. We made a copy of the world and ran it on a much simpler computer (i5 processor with 8GB of RAM) and we have no lag there. The issue seems to be that GCP Compute Engine is using just one of the 16 cores to run the game. This used core is running at 90-100% of its capacity and when this happens the game almost freezes, it is almost impossible to move. Do you have any idea of how can we make GCP use the other cores? Thank you very much


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