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New sea content world gen config.

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Lots of people have been asking for something like this.. more customization over the game and what spawns in the game.

the mobile version of Single Player Don’t Starve has TONS of Customization options that let you set your game up the way you want.. with the options of many things such as having DECREASED Overall Health, or choosing from None at All, Lots Less, Less, Default, More, & Lots More On many different things.

However and most regrettably Klei had said in the past that it would not be possible to add all these configuration options to the console game (ikr.. even though my mobile version can) Something to do with Console limitations- I dunno I didn’t really understand all of it.

What I do know is that I would willingly sacrifice how large the game world is or how many trees etc, are in the world, just so I can have ALOT more freedom over these gameplay toggle options.

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