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[HELP] I'm going insane (Assets/Images)

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I believe i made a post about this a few months ago that led nowhere and at this point it is starting to become extremely frustrating to the point where this forum is yet again the only place i have left to turn to for help.

OBJECTIVE: To make a functioning item with a basic use. For the sake of easiness im trying to make truffles only because klei has concept art for it that would work as an inventory image.

WHAT I'VE OBSERVED IN MY CURRENT MOD: Item is fully functional but is invisible in inventory and sort of looks like S$#@ when you drop it. May or may make other players in the vicinity crash when you drop it (I'll have to test it again (I dont believe this is true)). Shows up in the list when i do the c_give command. When you mouse over it on the floor it says "Pick up MISSING_NAME"

THINGS I THINK I LEARNED FROM MY ORIGINAL POST THAT I DONT REMEMBER: You use Textool to convert an image to .tex and then convert the .tex to xml. You use a build renamer to take the item build of whatever item you want and rename it to your prefab name and put it in the builds folder. What purpose does the atlas serve? 

I've been able to successfully dissect almost every other portion of the game but this game's usage of asset files and whatnot still baffles me. Im going insane. If you want to help but cant due to my lack of screenshots/data or whatever I would be more than very happy to supply you with whatever you need :^)


bandicam 2020-02-03 01-42-34-908.png

bandicam 2020-02-03 01-43-10-151.png

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On 2/4/2020 at 5:48 AM, Yakuzashi said:

You have placed visual files into adequate folders, but you didn't include path for mod to see those locations. Well, I guess it should work fine from this point. In case if something is wrong just let me know.

Niggles Hell.zip

(This is my second account as i've lost access to my original)

When I use my old mod and this fixed version my game crashes. I believe it might be because of the new hotfix. ive tried it with & without client mods

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