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  1. I am making an oar, it's fully functional besides the fact that that swap_anim is invisible! The prefab itself is called "living_oar" (its an oar made out of a living log), the "atlas-0.tex" in the swap anim folder isnt invisible and build.bin is renamed to swap_living_oar (from the normal oar). I have tried the following: Putting the anim and swap anim in the modmain like this (nothing happened) Changing the first spoiler to the second spoiler in living_oar.lua (nothing happened) Changing said "swap_anim" in the directly above spoilered code (tested with the oar, spear, and moon cutter. Changed the living oar to look like the respectable item) Due to the circumstances and evidence, I believe that "swap_living_oar.zip" is not properly imported into living_oar.lua. I have optimized my mod as to only include the item if any of you would like to help me please. living_oar mod.zip
  2. I've had a recurring problem with adding handslot items where the holding animation is invisible. I use the same program and method and I consistently get non-invisible results so my most logical guess is that my mod just has an invalid pathway. I decided to take my item from oars.lua since the item's only purpose is to be an oar. The problem i was facing then was that oars.lua is a lua file for multiple prefabs so I believe the error that is causing my swap to be invisible sprung up sometime when i was doing that. Living Oar Test.zip
  3. it worked! I figured the solution would be really simple lol. thank you
  4. Ok i removed the thing and I get the same results as before i added it. other players still crash when i drop the item. I ran another experiment where i removed the " if not TheWorld.ismastersim then return inst end" statement to see if that fixed it but i was unsuccessful, however i believe that removing that statement was irrelevant to the player crashing. I figured out why the item was called "MISSING NAME" though, and that was because i removed the code that had the "STRING.PREFAB.NAME" stuff in it with the thought in mind that if i removed it, it would simplify the code and when this is all done and fixed i can just add it back. I sent my friends client log during the second test. What I notice is that it says "Can't find prefab petalsalve" followed by dozens of "RakNet detected a missing replica (19644)" my friend's client log.txt Item Test 3.zip
  5. I removed the "GLOBAL." bit. I no longer crash when spawning the prefab, however other people still crash when I drop it and the item is called "MISSING NAME" so adding the "TheWorld.ismastersim" bit is null. Do you think it may be a problem with my copy of dst? This is very perplexing.
  6. I did that and this time instead of other players crashing when i drop the item on the ground the server crashes when i spawn in the item, giving the attatched message. Im not sure how to fix that as ive never had to define it when adding any of the "server/client application code bits". on the bright side the mod isnt marked as incompatible for no reason. Item Test 2.zip client_log.txt
  7. I confined the mod into the simplest form possible. The modmain initializes only a prefab and its assets. The rest of the folders also contain only the prefab and its assets. At this point the question of where put the server/client bit seems very simple. I hope that the long wait in between your most recent post and mine isn't a big deal, I appreciate the help you've given me. Item Test.zip
  8. I've no idea how to set stuff specifically to server or client
  9. Heres the client log btw. It's of my friend who i made forcibly crash his game by dropping the "petalsalve" item on the ground next to him. client_log.txt
  10. I liked the big number because it looked funny on the mod screen lol Ive also done the stuff in the modmain & modinfo However the situation is the exact same, the recipes dont show up and items crash their game when dropped. However I've also noticed that their hunger is set to 101 and the stomach looks constantly shriveled up. This did not happen prior to me adding the items.
  11. I've been experiencing two possibly connected recurring problems whenever I mod in this game. 1: It always says my mod is "incompatible with dst" despite marking it as compatible 2: If i add an item that is fully functional and working it will be fine in singleplayer but will make every other player crash their game if i drop it, stating that dst "ran out of memory" The reason I believe these are connected is because the reason that something would be "incompatible with dst" but work in singleplayer would be because dst is multiplayer & would make the other players crash. I believe this would be a quick fix as I would assume there's just something wrong with my modmain or modinfo and not anything else. I have linked my mod in this post along with the steam version. Any advice that gives me a step in the right direction would be appreciated. If you can help me, I will give you any type of footage that you'd like, including footage with 2 players. STEAM - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1909790996 FILE - https://www.mediafire.com/file/aybzscj9ba9xewj/MyMod.zip/file (The file uploader on the forums isnt working for me) Forgot to mention that all of the changes as described in the steam description are negligible & that the only things i believe are relevant are the modinfo, modmain, and items themselves. I appreciate any help
  12. So assuming that you know absolutely nothing about creating your own mod, I recommend watching one of the many tutorials as to how to create a """mod""". Any of these tutorials should show you how to set up a modmain.lua & modinfo.lua. once thats all done make a folder called "scripts" and then from there basically just recreate the file path and then add the edited lua file into there. I'm pretty sure it might cause compatibiltiy issues with other mods that edit the pigkingdom thing but honestly i'm in a similar boat as you where I can edit things good but I only know the bare minimum of creating my own stuff. this game doesnt seem to have alot of modding documentation...
  13. I believe i made a post about this a few months ago that led nowhere and at this point it is starting to become extremely frustrating to the point where this forum is yet again the only place i have left to turn to for help. OBJECTIVE: To make a functioning item with a basic use. For the sake of easiness im trying to make truffles only because klei has concept art for it that would work as an inventory image. WHAT I'VE OBSERVED IN MY CURRENT MOD: Item is fully functional but is invisible in inventory and sort of looks like S$#@ when you drop it. May or may make other players in the vicinity crash when you drop it (I'll have to test it again (I dont believe this is true)). Shows up in the list when i do the c_give command. When you mouse over it on the floor it says "Pick up MISSING_NAME" THINGS I THINK I LEARNED FROM MY ORIGINAL POST THAT I DONT REMEMBER: You use Textool to convert an image to .tex and then convert the .tex to xml. You use a build renamer to take the item build of whatever item you want and rename it to your prefab name and put it in the builds folder. What purpose does the atlas serve? I've been able to successfully dissect almost every other portion of the game but this game's usage of asset files and whatnot still baffles me. Im going insane. If you want to help but cant due to my lack of screenshots/data or whatever I would be more than very happy to supply you with whatever you need :^)