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  1. its probably a mod that you have enabled
  2. I am making an oar, it's fully functional besides the fact that that swap_anim is invisible! The prefab itself is called "living_oar" (its an oar made out of a living log), the "atlas-0.tex" in the swap anim folder isnt invisible and build.bin is renamed to swap_living_oar (from the normal oar). I have tried the following: Putting the anim and swap anim in the modmain like this (nothing happened) Changing the first spoiler to the second spoiler in living_oar.lua (nothing happened) Changing said "swap_anim" in the directly above spoilered code (tested with the oar, spear, and moon cutter. Changed the living oar to look like the respectable item) Due to the circumstances and evidence, I believe that "swap_living_oar.zip" is not properly imported into living_oar.lua. I have optimized my mod as to only include the item if any of you would like to help me please. living_oar mod.zip
  3. I think he might be talking about that time Klei payed a bunch of youtubers to play the game with the new characters/reworks
  4. I've had a recurring problem with adding handslot items where the holding animation is invisible. I use the same program and method and I consistently get non-invisible results so my most logical guess is that my mod just has an invalid pathway. I decided to take my item from oars.lua since the item's only purpose is to be an oar. The problem i was facing then was that oars.lua is a lua file for multiple prefabs so I believe the error that is causing my swap to be invisible sprung up sometime when i was doing that. Living Oar Test.zip
  5. "if you nerf her... all of my 40 friends who run into the dark at night will die!!! I hope you feel happy knowing that you just caused the death of my friend who didnt know he could cook birchnuts but somehow knew that he could read X book to achieve X result that would somehow save his life. Nerfing this character is going to DESTROY the gap between experienced and unexperienced players and i will no longer be able to keep my 5 base-hermits alive."
  6. it worked! I figured the solution would be really simple lol. thank you
  7. Ok i removed the thing and I get the same results as before i added it. other players still crash when i drop the item. I ran another experiment where i removed the " if not TheWorld.ismastersim then return inst end" statement to see if that fixed it but i was unsuccessful, however i believe that removing that statement was irrelevant to the player crashing. I figured out why the item was called "MISSING NAME" though, and that was because i removed the code that had the "STRING.PREFAB.NAME" stuff in it with the thought in mind that if i removed it, it would simplify the code and when this is all done and fixed i can just add it back. I sent my friends client log during the second test. What I notice is that it says "Can't find prefab petalsalve" followed by dozens of "RakNet detected a missing replica (19644)" my friend's client log.txt Item Test 3.zip
  8. I removed the "GLOBAL." bit. I no longer crash when spawning the prefab, however other people still crash when I drop it and the item is called "MISSING NAME" so adding the "TheWorld.ismastersim" bit is null. Do you think it may be a problem with my copy of dst? This is very perplexing.
  9. I did that and this time instead of other players crashing when i drop the item on the ground the server crashes when i spawn in the item, giving the attatched message. Im not sure how to fix that as ive never had to define it when adding any of the "server/client application code bits". on the bright side the mod isnt marked as incompatible for no reason. Item Test 2.zip client_log.txt