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  1. Wilba has white eyes in the game & beady eyes in the character portrait thing. (((also for the record I dont see point in debating about the white eye thing I've made my intended point about the pigs in forge looking more similar and you also have a point))) Here are some things to consider - If he was the king how would it be shrouded in mystery (He is still seen sitting on his ass with his crown like the normal pk he is in the hamlet scultpure) - The pig king would have obviously been pretty famous if he was in hamlet cause he has his own scultpure and painting. Do you think a man who is obviously affluent would have to have his affairs shrouded in mystery? - I dont think a decade is enough to make a story of a group of pig men leaving their home to rule freely a legend. And even if it happened to be a decade you have to realize that the pig king would have still had to ejaculate and evacuate - I'm pretty sure the Pig King isnt sexually active just look at him
  2. No they dont. In Don't Starve every species has had either beady eyes or the big giant white ones and the only outlier has been the players which makes sense because most white-eyed characters wouldnt look as good with beady eyes and vice versa. The eye color for players is just artistic choice and imo you could technically say that its also artistic choice for hamlet pigs but the big bug-eyes & tiny snout in the sterling trough deli pig is definitely a more noticable difference than the forge pigs having their tusks. Also for the record all human characters have had the "boy has beady eyes girl has white eyes" rules with the one outlier being Woodie (whos eyes are like 2/3 sunk into his eyebrows in the first place) untill shipwrecked & Wilbas eyes are infact still white but theyre just small so its harder to see. So assuming the pig king did leave the hamlet land >500 years ago how is wilba still a kid? Even if PK pulled an ejaculate & evacuate that would still make her extremely old. ((Ignore the "head shape" point in constant & forge))
  3. I mis-said what i meant to say; I meant to say that hamlet actually has distinction between genders. The eyes with human characters differ between whether they are masculine or feminine & I dont feel as if comparing mobs to them is a fair comparison. My point was that the anatomy between the pigs in RoG & Forge vs RoG & Hamlet definitely doesnt imply that they came from hamlet. Also I want to add that the grass sculpture & faded painting of the pig king show him wearing his grass crown with horns and grass skirt. Dont you think that if he were to have been living in this aristocratic world that he would have been wearing much less tribal clothing? Also I really dont see why klei would have wanted both Pugna & Pig King to be wearing horns on the side of their heads if it were not a sign that the two dimensions were not culturally connected in some way.
  4. I always thought that the pigs in the constant came from the Forge, considering the following: 1- The Pigs in both the constant & the forge have physique much more similar to eachother than the pigs from hamlet (pigs in constant/forge have beady eyes while hamlet have white cirlces, hunchback, no females) 2- They both have extremely similar leaders (fat **** that sits on his ass all day, fake horns, mostly nude except for some sort of belt/kilt thing) 3- The vignette came out during the forge I also see that as reason to sort of discredit the "pig king has silver adorning him so he is immune to werepigism" thing because the silver is attached to horns that I'm 99.99% sure arent actually his seeing how A. No other pig has horns and B: It is probably the constant/forges equivalent to a crown as pugna has his own set of horns that I'm 99.99% sure arent his. If he ever was susceptible to werepigism in the first place, perhaps he got his immunity to it at the same place he got his infinite pile of gold, obelisks & haunting resistance.
  5. Sort of; when your'e crafting it the crafting icon changes to an item from the last tab you clicked on (i.e. if you click on tools and then survival, it becomes a hammer/science it becomes a think tank/dress it becomes rabbit earmuffs) The inventory image is still blank.
  6. The item im attempting to create looks totally normal when on the ground but in the crafting section (its in survival) it takes the icon of the item below it and in the inventory its completely invisible. In the inventory it doesnt say the "<right mouse button> Heal" message or the inspect message when you hold alt, but you can still do both of its respective functions- just without the little message. I cant find any sort of documentation for the modding on this game and I have found absolutely zero helpful tutorials when it comes to making an item in this game so if any of you modding gods could bestow any sort of wisdom pertaining to my issue I would be forever thankful. Healer.zip I have the mod linked in the post, it's very small cause it only has the one item in it.
  7. How would i make a character never dry naturally? (Still able to gain wetness and dry off from means other than the natural drying rate)
  8. Editing Tech for Item Recipes?

    GLOBAL.AllRecipes.goggleshat.level = TECH.SCIENCE_TWO GLOBAL.AllRecipes.deserthat.level = TECH.SCIENCE_TWO I have this in my modmain.lua but whenever i try to launch my server it says "dedicated server failed to start" (also my server isnt dedicated)
  9. How would I go about editing the level of tech required for item recipes? I tried editing the actual recipes.lua but it does not do anything.
  10. I remember around a year ago there being some sort of console command you could put in to edit the rate of hound attacks & wildfire posted here but I cant find the thread & I cannot find any other website giving me the information on how to do it. ^ I think i remember making a post like this a long time ago on a different account and have since then completely forgot the command. If you guys know what this command is or if it even exists, please keep me posted : )
  11. is there a dont starve together mod tools? I will upload a mod but it will be a dont starve mod and not a dst mod