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Hey Grifters,

This update enables (most of) the content for next week's release:

  • Burrs (two varieties, more later)
  • Parasite cards (a stem card and then one tier of cycling hatches, more later)
  • The Hesh Boss

The Burrs are meant to mix up fights in a somewhat chaotic way. The parasite cards are to slow down rook's deck a bit, and give you something that you have to play around. The higher tier cards are planned to be a bit more beneficial to the player, but they're all a bit weird and tradeoffy. This is all meant to make the Bog a stranger and more dangerous place. We're going to start in on the next day soon, which has you dealing more with the Bogger faction, and all of its weirdness.

Next week, expect a round of fixes and tuning leading up to Thursday's release. Until then: Have you been to the Deep Bog?


  • Enabled the parasite cards - you get one in an early random event, and then it repeatedly hatches. (higher tier parasite cards will come later)
  • removing parasites actually hurts your max health
  • Burrs retract after a couple of turns, and explain themselves in a condition.
  • Don't let the knuckle defend its team
  • Hesh boss is in the actual game (with placeholder dialogue)
  • Burrs get added in a much more determinisitc way
  • Knuckle gets riposte when it defends
  • don't show burr spawning 'graft' in graft list at end of day

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Just pushed a little addendum that fixes a crash in one of the parasite cards, and adds two more parasite cards. :)

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