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How to add frozen animation to custom prefabs?

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I have some custom prefabs with their own animation file (the .scml file). Everything works OK, except when I try to freeze them. There is no "frozen ice" effect, only their colors are modified to light blue. I dig deeper into the code, and see this in stategraph: 

local function onenterthawpre(inst)
    if inst.components.locomotor ~= nil then
    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("frozen_loop_pst", true)
    inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/freezethaw", "thawing")
    inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_frozen", "frozen", "frozen")

However, I checked some ingame animation, there is no symbol swap_frozen. This is so magic... How can I get my custom prefab to have this frozen animation? Please help. 

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inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol(z, x, y)

Z anim file Name that you are digging 

X override source folder (look up in SCML) 

Y override target folder

(xy or visa versa cant remember) 

This function is used to replace texture folder of inst (there are folders in SCML) of inst with texture folder from another file. 

Basically there is an invisible placeholder that you replace with some texture. 

Check how nightsword works. Adding ice to your creature is the same technic. 

Add swap frozen folder into SCML with some placeholder textures and place them in frozen anim. 

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