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I would really appreciate it if possible for someone to create a mod so that the Ice-E Fan does not accept polluted ice. It is irritating when the dupes drop poluted ice and it contaminates my base.

I have read what I can find, and decompiled the game files and some mods to try to understand it but it is beyond me. I have seen how items are added but not removed

I have found the IceCooledFanConfig and it uses IceOre. Would this mean that Ice and polluted ice would need to be re classified?


Thank you in advance

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You are right, it uses IceOre which is following:

  • DirtyIce
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • BrineIce
  • CrushedIce

So any of these are accepted. You have 2 options. You can either go to IceCooledFanConfig and change

manualDeliveryKg.requestedItemTag = GameTags.IceOre;


manualDeliveryKg.requestedItemTag = SimHashes.Ice.CreateTag();

That means dupes only store ice in it. The clear downside behind, you can no longer melt snow and whatever CrushedIce is.


Your second option, which is much simpler, is just go to StreamingAssets\elements\solid.yaml open it with any notepad and simple remove the line "    - IceOre" from the elementId's you don't want to be considered IceOre. Note that you might need to redo this step whenever the file is updated (for example when you verify files via Steam or the file is changed by Klei). Though, doesn't happen very often.

Btw, if this doesn't work, try with disabled mods. It's possible for mods to override this file and making your change nil.

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