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  1. neither in the telescope description in the build menu nor in the tooltip for the telescope itself does it say it needs oxygen. I had to look on the forums to figure out why my duplicants wouldn't use the telescope since they were in atmo-suits and it wasn't ever mentioned that they needed oxygen to use the telescope. This requirements should be mentioned in those tooltips.
  2. A drecko managed to get stuck midair when it was climbing about and the tiles nearby it were dug out. It has no available locations when looking at "Show Navigation" and just hangs midair upside down. It's been that way for a while. I haven't attempted to move it with wrangling or placing/destroying tiles but it's still definitely stuck.
  3. When trying to use the jobs menu in a UI scale of 200% (on a 4k screen) it does not scale properly. The lines between jobs are placed incorrectly and you are unable to place duplicants in jobs. You can click on the dropdown menu but then when trying to select a duplicant to take that job position it doesn't properly select them and they don't get the job.
  4. No UNKNOWN TAGs Alert

    Can confirm. I got the same bug. I attached a picture of what it looks like when it goes wrong.
  5. Sometimes a thermo sensor displays behind the automation wire it is attached to instead of in front of it.
  6. When clicking on the Thermo Sensor under the Automation tab as the first item you click in the tab, the power overlay is brought up instead of the autopmation overlay.