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tfw you get a chlorine vent

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22 minutes ago, Voidbarker said:

i'm aware, but it's a pain in the arse to manage while my duplicants are constantly trying to get their breath back.

Put up a pump-filter-tank-battery-hamsterwheel combo where it is thickest and just let it sit in the tank.

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4 hours ago, Voidbarker said:

then it makes your base completely unbreathable.

have sealed it off, pretty much, but chlorine will probably cause a very very slow death to my duplicants.

hell, i'll take an outbreak of slimelung over this.

I have no problem with chlorine vents.  The problem you describe can be said of any untamed vent.  Steam vent?  Cook your dupes and suffocate them.  Natural gas?  Well, they can't breathe that either.

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9 hours ago, Southernskies said:

I sealed the room and build a Balm Lily farm.  Liquid lock for entry and the whole thing stabilised at 5kg pressure.

Just need to finish setting up the exo-suit lock for harvesting (still only 130 cycles in)

If your room is at 5kg pressure you can also use it to store slime.  It won't off-gas and the slimelung germs will die off.

Just be sure to install a wash basin outside your waterlock (or sink if you can plumb it)

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