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I know Lag problem is discussed numerous time but still I can't hold  myself from asking.

I played DS for years in my desktop which have a duel core processor and I was amazed that the game runs too smooth and I did't expect that and in DS it always have caves in it,no need to separately lunch it.

But recently when I started playing DST and I did not know that I have to launch cave separately. I am playing with my brother and he is using my laptop which  has i5 6th gen, 4gb ram. The game still works fine and runs smooth.

Now when I discovered that I need to launch cave separately while generating the world, I simply started a new world with cave. Till this time I am unaware of the fact that what problems are waiting for me. After started playing with cave I am facing lag that is dangerous when fighting with bosses. Like picking the grass takes more time,some time sticking while moving. I tried to host the world in my laptop but result is the same.

I searched about this lag and found that there are many answers on this but those are many years back. Is this still same now?

Also if by any how I have to play without cave for lag free experience-- Is there any better way to get never ending rocks and nightmare fuel, gears ?

Thanks in advance:D

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I think the best solution is to run a dedicated server off your computer. Klei provides the ability to do this in the steam tools with the set up. When running the dedicared server, the server will run off your conputer whule you connect via lan. This should atleast mitigate the lag to a certin extent. While there is ways to grind gears, rocks, and nightmare fuel on the surface, there is still a whole lot of content you are mossing out on like entire bosses and powerful mobs and structures. I would try my best to play with caves but there is a certin cut off for the amount of bs some can put up with so just know you your limit.

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