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FTL style events for space missions

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So space missions take as long as 30 cycles in which nothing is really happening. There`s no interaction with the rocket. It`s just doing some resource mining that takes really long. There should be something you could do during that time, other than managing your base.

How about each 3 cycles (whenever the rocket reaches another layer of space) you get a mission report. Some reports would be like "it`s beautiful here" or "nothing worth noting" but you could get others like the rocket approaching an asteroid field where you could get to choose to fly around it adding one cycle to the mission time or flying through risking rocket damage that would slow the rocket down by 10% and require you to repair it after it lands.

You would have 1 cycle to choose, otherwise the dupe would pick a random option.

Other event could include:

1 extra cycle to find a high level artifact.

Rockets gets home 1 cycle earlier but triggers a meteor shower when returning.

Rocket saves 25% fuel when it comes back but takes 5% longer to finish mission.

Select a random resource instead of 10% of the stuff you mined (only for cargo rockets).

Gain extra rare resources but pilot gets a random debuff (50% stress, infected by zombie spores, 75% hp damage) plus an extra one making him unable to launch the rocket unless he spends half a cycle outside of it. (cargo only)

Risk damaging a science module for extra data banks. Damaged module will require repairs on the ground. (science only)

Spend an extra cycle to unlock a new destination not yet analyzed by the telescope. (science only)

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