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I need help

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All the gifts are random.

The "log in" gift is the daily gift you can receive every 24 hours.

The items you get while playing you can get up to 8 with incrementally more time played after each one. You don't need to wait for this and can just get the 8 weekly by playing it all at once if you want.

This resets every Thursday, so every week 8 items you can get by playing.

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The loot you get is completely random. But you earn up to 15 gifts per week, one for logging in each day- the rest for time survived in game.

you should get roughly one gift at 15 minutes, a second at 1 hour survived, a third at 2 hours, a fourth at 4 hours and the 5th at 10 hours.

this is Total time survived mind you- so it doesn’t have to be in the same session or in the same game world.

Once you get a gift it will appear in your top left hand corner to open this you will need to build a Science Machine and stand Next to it Holding LT and X (for Xbox) which if I remember Correctly should be LT and Square for PlayStation (it’s been awhile since I’ve played a PS Console sorry..) 

Anyway if you get a Winters Feast Chest- This CAN NOT be opened in this way, you need to exit your session and open those from the main menu screen under Treasury.

a WF Chest contains 4 Winters Feast themed Curios.. and count as 1 gift.


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