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Mini cool steam vent

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This was the first eruption after I built the enclosure, the geyser is rated @ 5.4kg/sec for 201 sec, and I got 362.7kg in the three water tiles under the pump. Success!

If you want to build this, don't, it's not worth the trouble. Just build it 1 tile wider for so much less work. If you still want to build it, you need all 3 dirt tiles, including the bottom left corner. Otherwise water will pool up there, momentarily fluctuate to over 1000kg, and wear down the dirt tile to its right. Tears were shed.

If you still, really want to build this, don't try to make 3 dirt tiles above each other. The lower one will eat solid dirt above it until it reaches 2000kg. More tears were shed. Just do dirt-sand-dirt and laugh at that hungry dirt.

Plumbing. I guess you only need 1 radiant aluminium section, the lowermost one. The others don't (can't) do anything, but I'm not taking this thing apart....

Gas: after sealing the gas chamber with droplets of water to the left and right (exactly where they are now), you can build a canister emptier in that place. The dupes can build, use and deconstruct it from the pump room even with the left-side airlocks locked. Release your two favorite gases (ha!) remove the emptier, and corner-build the insulated tile to the right of the top dirt pile.

The reservoir: Yes the whole thing would be smaller without it, but the overall width & height would remain, so I opted to use one.

A note on volcanoes: technically this could work for those as well. Not with dirt, of course, but steel. And I tried. And an ocean of tears were shed. (23 cycles to melt a kiln...) Magma is too viscous, and the volcano will stifle itself before enough accumulates to the left of the gas chamber to enter a waterfall. RIP, my minified volcano dreams.

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19 minutes ago, Dadogiag said:

Ya Right. talktowendys

I feel like you're trolling.


This build idea is basically useless without an image, as describing it with the method you used is indecipherable.

22 hours ago, Dadogiag said:

If you want to build this, don't, it's not worth the trouble.

This is an accurate statement. More helpful than anything else in this entire thread.

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