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[Mod Help] Making Character regen health on hit and a few other things.

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1. I'm currently modding in a character and I wanted them to be able to gain health on hit like Wigfrid. I've looked through her code and can't seem to find out what part of it refers to this ability. Would somebody be able to point me to which lines to use and where to place them, please?

2. I also want it to not regen health and not sanity, in fact, I would like to change it to lose Sanity whenever he kills a creature.

3. I would also like to know how to make a gradual health regen happen for 5 seconds after he hit.


If anyone can help I'd be super grateful!

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For 1 and 2, just take a look at `combat` component. There should be enough events for you to handle and customize.

For 3, also take a look at `combat` component. What I often do for this kind of feature is having a counter. When he hits, set it to, for example, 5. Then start a DoTaskInTime in 1 sec if this task doesn't already exist. Then in the callback, gain health and decrease counter. If counter still > 0, start another task, otherwise don't. 

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