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A bit late, but current speculation is that Hamlet is getting worked on behind the scenes and will be released on other platforms when it's complete.

That's not at all a promise.

Same thing happened with Shipwrecked if I'm not mistaken (which I could be), same with the soundtrack to Shipwrecked (again I might be wrong).

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41 minutes ago, Sunset Skye said:

Current speculation by who? Genuinely curious, I haven't heard this before.

My speculation, I've definitely seen someone bring it up on the forums before, couldn't point you to who.

It just doesn't make sense for Klei to not release Hamlet for consoles, and they are being awfully quiet about it.

The Shipwrecked OST was finally release alongside Home Sea Home, and Hamlets OST hasn't been released, maybe they will release it after an update?


Either they are being quiet and fixing things up just like Home Sea Home for a wide console relaunch, or they aren't going to say they are canceling Hamlet because don't want to disappoint anyone.

Just my theories anyways.

This comment back in may is all I could find on Klei mentioning console releases:


That was 4 months before Hamlet launched, 1 and a half years ago today.

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