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Couple quick questions about some skins.

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Josonic    205

When an item skin is limited time use, such as "Gingerbread Chest", will already placed/created items of that skin revert back to default skin when the event is over, or does it just disallow placing more with that skin?

Also I was looking through my belongings and theres several skins from the "Merrymaker" collection that I do not recall unlocking or previously having been able to use (Gingerbread Fence, Gingerbread Gate, etc). Is my memory just that bad, or are these ninja added to my collection? I assume those are available to use year round?

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Pebrot    46
On 6/12/2019 at 1:25 AM, JoeW said:


Hey Everybody, 

Coming to Steam, Xbox One and Wegame next week on December 12th, we will be bringing Hook, Line and Inker to the live servers along with this year's Winter's Feast event. 

The table is set for Winter’s Feast, and this year something new is being cooked up for our Survivors. They're going to have to work for it, of course. Chase Gingerpigs and embark upon a Festive Hunt in search of Holiday Cheer. Use Holiday Cheer in new recipes then Feast with friends for some special Seasonal Feels. 

Of course, we have a bunch of new skins, item drop bonus, a new special login bonus item as well as new twitch items too!

More details about Winter's Feast and Hook Line and Inker will be available next week. See you then!

Note to PS4 players: While the build has already been submitted and would normally be ready in time, unfortunately Sony has decided that this build requires additional testing due to the new virtual currency support, apparently this process requires extra time and their next cert slot is not available until Dec. 17th. Therefore this build will not be available on PS4 until at least a week later than the 12th. We will update with more details as they arrive. 
UPDATE: We got together and discussed a solution. We are pulling out the virtual currency from the build and will submit that build at a later date. This means we should be able to get the content and event out to PS4 players on time. However, this means there will be no way to purchase the new holiday skins. To help with that we will be making those skins temporarily available for free to all PS4 players during the event similar to the other free time limited winter skins. The skins will disappear from your inventory at the end of the holiday (unless you weave or get that item as a drop).  We will make those skins available for purchase once we are able to.

We apologize for this inconvenience but we were concerned that if we did not get this update out sooner, due to the holidays we might not be able to get it out until Sony staff returns the office in the new year. 


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