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Adjusting The Camera Focus When Fishing

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Once you've hooked a fish with the fishing rod, the camera is still fixed onto the player/boat. 

My suggestion is that the camera should instead be focused on the hooked fish/hook itself or a midway-point between the player and the hooked fish/hook itself.

My reason for this is because sometimes the fish gets hooked or makes their way near the edge of your screen, making it uncomfortable to see what the fish is doing and at times the state of the fishing rod based on the angle.

Having the camera be focused at a midway point between the player and the fish might be a better alternative as well, so that you can still get a good look at the state of both the player and the hooked fish.

If implemented, there could also be an option to disable that camera view if people are not fond of it, similar to the seafaring option we currently have.

What do others think? 

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Definitely! I think it's kind of hard to see the fish being fished without over-adjusting the camera. That is, assuming Seafaring camera is enabled. A friend of mine says they don't really have a problem with the camera, which would make sense considering they play with Seafaring Camera disabled. When the setting is enabled, the camera will be centered on the boat as long as it isn't moving. I think adding this fishing-specific camera and making it part of the "Seafaring Camera" setting would be a good idea.

I haven't tried out fishing with Seafaring Camera disabled, though, so I don't have first hand experience on whether the camera is an issue in that context. But it's definitely kind of bothersome with the setting enabled.

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