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Give disease the love it needs?

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I love the idea of disease on paper, "be mindful of what you plant and don't forget to be on top of your harvests" but by now I think it's high time we gave some attention to the mechanic all round. It (for many players) is a nuisance that feels unfinished in the regards of management. While some believe it is a welcome downside to gathering resources all at once, not to mention creating player accountability; others are not so intrigued with how it plays out in the end with more players opting to disable it in the world settings (link to the poll down below) with different reasons as to why they find it "un-fun", "boring", "unfinished", etc. 

I propose that the mechanic be "fleshed out" to make it more of an interesting gimmick than a straight up chore that benefits both people that want a challenge, and for those that want a work-around. A cure could be added as a craftable (for real and not as a mod) or a structure/machine could be added (I like this idea personally). Bare with me, this may be pretty stupid but I wanted to throw this out there...

[Don't have a name, but the machine would look like a giant mushroom attached to a flingomatic for reference to what I envision]

- Lasts 5-10 days on fuel (amount of caps needed to refuel is not up to me)

- Must be turned on manually and has to be refueled by mushroom caps to enforce a "less than easy to get" resource that must be earned (can change, as it's not up to me) and to promote the use of Mushroom Planters for an interesting chore in place of the "digging up everything" chore we have now)

- Creates a radius of an anti-biotic spore cloud that "does not" reset the timer for disease, but rather "pauses it", this will prevent cheesing by turning the machine on and off to reap the benefits while also creating a sense of responsibility on the player to maintain it. If you want to reset the timer, you would still have to dig them up once more.

I loved the idea of disease, but I do believe that it does need a little bit of attention in order to maximize its potential


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i always wondered why disease exists in first place

at first, i though that was a way to make the florid pottern's sappling generation more balanced

but the portal don't generate sapplings(unless you are in wilderness mode, which i think that is the a mode less played and then survival) and overall, the current disease mechanic and just annoying and the only way to prevent it, is unreliable for the most players 

so i would love this

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