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  1. Hamlet is Too Forced

    Damn dude, that's kinda makes me sad
  2. I am not a adventure mode playr but i agree with this also pls don't thINk abOut making building wraps not fit in the non adventure mode teleportato things
  3. Well, i made a RoG world linked whcih the hamlet but i have the shipw-dlc and i will make a world linked with these three dlcs so you are basically telling me if i use the skyworthy to travel to my shipwreck world and after i comeback to the RoG one and go to a cave that i already killed the guardian, he will be respawned?
  4. One thing that makes me not invest on cave exploring( in don't starve rog) is that houndius shootius aren't renewable (without using the "Things" for switching worlds) so, what about making ancient guardian's horn renewable? I don't know which would be the best way to do this but i have an idea what about the making it a item from The Sty Oddies Emporium(that shop that also sells deerclops eyeball, bearger fur) from Hamlet? I mean, this could be somewhat op depending off the price, i am not a hamlet player (yet) so i don't know how fast you can get coin but i suppose that 100-150 oincs is a great price for one horn
  5. Shadow Pieces trinkets

    the three mods that i am using are: show me, epic healthbar, (that mod that don't backpack spoils on ground)
  6. So the Marble sculptures setpiece in my world only have the Rook Statue, me and my friend already explored the entire map(we are on day 203) and we just found only this statue and only the rook horn suspicious marble Okay so basically if we want to kill the shadow pieces, we need get the chess pieces trinkets and give it to the pig king and the only way (that i know) to get these pieces is using tumbleweeds(0,1% chance) I already opened a lot of tumbleweeds in my 853 hours of don't starve together and i just got one chess piece one time using them, is there any easier way to get the sketches without using commands?
  7. oh thank god that soMeoNe toLd mE aFTEr i WASte oVer 112 lOGs on FEStiVe plAnters
  8. I am sleeping alone and i don't think that is my problem since when i finish a new full decorated tree, wait fivedays, and sleep, only the ''new'' tree gives good stuff but after that, the ''new'' tree only gives bad stuff like the others
  9. I have a lot of full decorated festive trees and i am always getting bad items(a food + charcoal) no matter how many days i take to sleep I know that the limit is 4 days and i am waiting a lot more than that and i still get a food + charcoal i don't know what is wrong with the tree, i just got good items for the first sleep and then i can't get anything good
  10. As you know, don't starve sounds are showed in the settings in three types: Ambient, Music and Sound FX I would like to now which one of these is the sound used in the ''barks'' that go before a hound/cave worm wave and the ''bosses(deerclops/bearger)" screams that come before their spawn So i can turf off the other ones
  11. i always wondered why disease exists in first place at first, i though that was a way to make the florid pottern's sappling generation more balanced but the portal don't generate sapplings(unless you are in wilderness mode, which i think that is the a mode less played and then survival) and overall, the current disease mechanic and just annoying and the only way to prevent it, is unreliable for the most players so i would love this
  12. A Small Webber Buff

    Probally because it was useless for the most players, since Webber is the only character that isn't slowed down by it I mean, with could be used in traps areas and also could be used together with the natural roads(that ones that have the same effect of cobblestones) for making kiting easier and some situations could be a cobblestone substitute but it isn't as good as cobblestone in general And silk not being a fuel source is kinda weird by its own way, since Spider Eggs, feathers, umbrellas, mad science lab experiments are
  13. Horsey's fanfart thread '<'

    eventually Wilson stopped thinking
  14. With all these characters reworks,i was thinking what could be done with Webber. I love playing him and he is definely not a bad character but i have a feeling that something is missing on him. I came up, based on Wurt ability of marsh turfs, with the idea of crafting webbed turfs(like the ones in spider nests but actually turfs) They would slow down enemies, just like the ones from spider nests, but not players (except on PVP mode) Crafting: first, something from refine tab made of four silks(this item also could be burned in a firepit as a fuel) Then, one board + this item = one webbed turf I don't know if that's is broken but i really would love to see this in the game Edit: Ok maybe that would be very situational so i trough of this: You can put this item made with 4 silks in a turf and he becames webbed, with effects similar to spider dens but this webbed turf will have it's original effect too so a cobblestone turf, per example, will have speed boost for players AND the speed downside for enemies