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Merm king drop table and the usefulness of medium sized fish for wurt

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Seeing the fish related content recently added I thought it would be nice to have a discussion about it and wurt, after all she's a merm and merms love their pet fish!


Just to be clear, when I say "medium sized ocean fish" I dont mean their measurement with the scale-o-matic or with the pocket scale,

I mean the fishes you can get with a fishing rod that gives you this when you kill them: latest?cb=20151207003251

One of the first things that I tried after the beta updated was giving a medium sized ocean fish to the merm king to see if anything different would happen... I was disappointed when I noticed that the items dropped by him and the quantity seemed to be the same as giving one of the smaller sized fishes (freshwater fish or any of the new small sized ocean ones). Also, for some reason, giving any of the new ocean fishes to the merms will trigger the "befriended" sound but they won't follow or obey you - giving a freshwater one works normally. 


Considering that fishes seem to be important in the merm society it would be nice to see their interaction with fishes be expanded upon in this update, for example:

Giving a medium sized fish to a merm would befriend them for 25% more time than a smaller sized one currently does.
Giving a medium sized fish to the merm king would always guarantee the following seeds to drop:

fish.png.a8f973063b53559aa4ceff1039d33932.png (mudfish) -> 1 x durian seeds + 50% chance for a second one 
fishy5.png.87e3ecda4da708fbc0f3b4ab9a912a63.png (corn cod) -> 2 x corn seeds

fishy3.png (dandy lionfish) -> 1 x pumpkin seeds + 50% chance for a second one (or maybe it would instead drop 1 gold + 50% for a second one, since he is dandy)

fishy4.png (black catfish) -> 1 x eggplant seed + 50% chance for a second one

fishy2.png (deep bass) -> 2 x asparagus seeds


I don't understand much about game balance or how strong/weak those changes would be, but it would be nice to have changes related to how the merm king rewards you for giving him medium sized fishes, it would not only give wurt a solid reason to go after medium sized ocean fishes but also tighten merms relation with their slippery friends, showing that they can even differentiate between them.

I would like to see others opinion on the matter!  : ) 


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