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purchase issues


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ok, since it's not a bug in the game, I guess the post should go here, and since I have not found anything related to my problem, I guess I make a new thread. In case there actually IS a thread regarding this issue, feel welcome to close this one again and give me a headup where to go, anyway...

I am trying to buy don't starve for a while now, yet, I fail to figure out why I can not do it.

When I log into the game via chrome and hit the buy game button, I am given the options "google wallet" "paypal/amazone" and "leave" (well, thats the only button working for me, sadly, it does not help me to buy the game).

When I hit the "google wallet" button, I get a new window with a funny picture of our beloved main protagonist and the unfortunated message "an error has occured", leaving me only the option to bail out via "x", since the "ok" button on the lower right of that window does not work too.

When I hit the "paypal/amazon" button, it just throws me back into the main menue, where I can hit the "buy" button again, or not, since I can't buy it anyway.

I am absolutely not sure what I am doing wrong, and why this game does not want me to buy it :/

not preventing me from buying the game, but maybe correlating to the actual issue, the "forum" button in the main menue in chrome does also not work for me.

So... help? Anyone?

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ok, working buttons are

"Play Demo"

"Enter Product Key"


with all suboption-buttons working aswell (like the "submit" and "cancle" button in the key part, or the setting options, those are all responding)

the "buy now" button does work, since it leads me to the "advanced purchase"-options, as I will call them for now, but these buttons then are not responding: "google wallet" and "paypal/amazon", one leads to an error message, the other one brings me back to the main menu.

and the "Visite Forum" button does nothing at all when I hit it.

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I actually downloaded and installed chrome exclusivly for this game, so it is as pure as could be, and only 4 days old, so propably the newest version aswell.

I do have popup blockers on my firefox, but this should not interfere with chrome, or should it?

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Not that I am aware, but as far as I can tell, you would be the first one with this issue. So at this point it's in "Who knows?" territory.

Can you tell me your chrome version?

And what is the name of the popup blocker you are using? What spyware or antivirus are you running?

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ok, I just tried it, and deactivated my popup blocker in firefox, and oddly enough, the google wallet option did work for me now. Paypal/Amazon is still bugging out, but the wallet works.

Popupblocker is AdBlock Plus

Anti Virus is the latest Avira Antivirus

Chrome Version is the newest one,

Ok, so I bought the game now via google wallet, but I guess you might want to look into this anyway, maybe I am the only one who spoke up with this problem, but not the only one willing but unable to purchase the game.

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The google wallet issue may have been a coincidence as we were having an issue with it shortly before your original post.

Glad you were able to get google wallet working.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! We will definitely be keeping an eye on the issue.

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well, I thank you for bringing up the idea of the popup blocker, may or may it not be the reason why it suddenly worked, I sure am happy to have this game now :)

well, from my side, the problem is "solved", so this thread may aswell be closed, unless you have further plans with it of course.

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