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Hm. Apart from the fact that it is simply 3 gas filters in more or less a row, you will have several problems with your system:

  • multiple pumps will simply clog up the system because you cannot mix gas packages
  • you spend alot of energy on the gas filters
  • you need some kind of ventilation system to spread your oxygen around the base, else your vent will quickly get overpressured (or you pump the same oxygen into your system again)
  • no temperature control (argueably not needed)
  • what about hydrogen, ng and maybe sour gas?


What i tried in my games is a closed loop of gas detectors followed by shutoff vents.

This should allow me to feed in multiple incoming vents into each segment of my filter loop. It should also minimize energy costs. But it will have more problems with clogging up, which is why it is not fail-safe.

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