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Problems with King of the Merm speech

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From what I could gather so far, the King of the Merms will only say a line every time he loses 3% of his hunger. I feel that this is problematic for several reasons:

- It takes him about an entire minute to talk, which is 2 in-game clock segments (a lot)
- He will not tell you how full he is after being fed until, again, a little less than an entire minute passes
- He will not talk at ALL while starving. He even has a check for if he's at 0 hunger (with a line saying "Hungry... HUNGRY! HUNGRYYYY!!!"), but getting him to lose 3% of his hunger and start starving on the same frame is practically impossible. I haven't seen the starving line in-game so far.

These problems can be fixed by some tweaking and adding some new features, I believe. For example:

- Lower the 3% hunger loss requirement to 1.5% or 1.25%. That'll make it much easier to know how hungry he is without causing weird scenarios (such as talking in the middle of a feeding session)
- Add a 5-second timer for the King to talk after being fed. His lines would make much more sense when used in that context, especially the "Have done well. Now go," line. It'd also make it easier to know if the food the player gives to the king is enough to satisfy him.
- Add a repeating 10-20 second timer when the King starts starving. That way it can be obvious that the King is in trouble, with how often he would be talking. It's especially odd how it works currently in that he'll stay completely silent until he dies.

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46 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

Does he tell you when he is full? I haven't gotten such a line, though there seems to be some strings for it, no?

He will say "Have done well. Now go." when he's above 75% hunger. There's no quote for a higher hunger level than that.

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