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Can Shove voles travel through mesh door

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They can't go through any mesh doors if they're locked or set to auto; material doesn't matter.

They will pass through doors opened with automation. So they behave just like any other critter from this respect.

Watch out for vole poop though, if it gets on the mesh door they can burrow into it and get out that way. 


This is my wild vole collection, I have close to a hundred. Wrangled critters go to the left chamber, so do new eggs. The eggs are then shipped to the 1-tile spot where they will live happily for eternity. (Tiles are obsidian.)


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Yeah mech doors aren't really good for critters. They will obey it while it's closed, but can path through it when it's opened for, say, a passing dupe. And voles will burrow into them unless made from steel or thermium.

Pneumatic doors are critter-proof though. (Again, unless explicitly open.) Which is fantastic because it lets you start collecting voles from the pod as soon as they start showing up.

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