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Is this a bug or my bad

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Hello all,

please I need some help here.

I have a very strange problem: Manage to build a regolith cooling system in 2 stages
1 stage: convert the heat to steam
2 stage: cooling to -15 C (coz i hate regolith :) )

If I'm on the screen where the cooling is done everything works as it should, but if i move the camera .. lets say at the middle of the map and give some command like dig or sweep and pause the game, when i return to the cooling place all the regolith comes out  the same temperature as when it enters the system. It's like there is no transfer of temperature what so ever. if i unpause at this moment all the regolith in the systems starts to cooling. I check this more than 10 times, if i'm not on the screen the regolith comes out hot.

You can see on the screenshots cold regolith and hot regolith on the rail.

Can someone tell me what m'i doing wrong or this is a bug.

Thank you all


Klei, you made a great game.

screen 1.png

screen 2.png

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It's a "feature" of conveyor rails.  Bridges and loaders etc have a green box with an arrow in, an exit point.  While offscreen, all heat calculations are done at this box for all of the contents of the rail preceding the green box exit point all the way back to the previous green box exit point.

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

You might find this post interesting, Nakomaru built a heat exchanger for a conveyor rail, which balances how the calculations work off-screen and on-screen, you can find an example of what I'm talking about about 1/2 way down.

The easy solution is to make about 1/2 of the rail into conveyor bridges along the cooling path, with the green boxes of the bridge at the points where you want the heat to be distributed to while offscreen.

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17 minutes ago, Craigjw said:

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

It's the other way around, the conveyor segment started at the exit point exchanges heat at the exit point - be that the exit of a bridge, loader, or shutoff.



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