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On Wurt: Synergies, Stratagies, and Roles

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Now before we begin, I'm not going to be going in-depth on Wurt's mechanics. I will bring them up when applicable, but if you want all the technical details, then see this thread made by ADM.


Now then, the first thing we should know is What exactly Wurt is. For all intents and purposes, she's a colonist. Her playstyle revolves building up her merm Empire and useing them to her advantage. She's strongest while in her swamp, and gains a lot of Utility from it.

First, What general roles does she serve?

>Harvester: Merms, like pigs, are able to punch trees to chop them down. But Unlike pigs, they're also capable of mining rocks, and work at all times instead of only during the day. This, combined with how cheap merms are to hire (a couple of seeds alone can keep merms happy for atleast a few minutes) means that Wurt can clear forests and quarries extreamly quickly, though perhaps not as quickly as bearger or Maxwell.

>fighter: Merm Guards are powerful warriors, while lacking the DPS of bunnies, They have respectable health, high damage (just under a dark sword), and there kiting means that they can deal out a lot of damage while also keeping themselves alive. Additionally, If Wurt knows the arena ahead of time, She can place marsh turf down to give her a significant speed boost. It's equivelent to that of cobblestones, but much, much cheaper.

>Farmer: While I haven't done this myself. I've been informed that Wurt is capable of starting Merm Wars, not only does this produce a lot of legs and fish, but merms also don't eat there own drops, unlike bunnies and Pigs. additionally, she's capable of obtaining large quantities of seeds through the merm king, making her good at finding the crop you need.

>tentacle hunter: Wurt's speedboost on marsh turf and ability to see hidden tentecles makes her accel and hunting and killing them, once you get the pattern down.


Something interesting to note about Wurt is that her playstyle is so unorthadoxed that she doesn't have many player-spesific synergies. that being said though, she does have a few, and they are worth talking about.

Generic: Good for food and protection, and other characters can trade the trinkets that MK gives for gold.

Warly: Wurt's merm farming allows for easy collection of Fish and frog legs, both handy for making Fish Cordon bleu and Moqueca. She can also trade fish for certain crop-spesific seeds, including Onion, Chillie, and Garlic, all of which are exceptionally useful for Warly

Webber and Wortox: merms are much more chill with them and Pigs or bunnies, giving them the protection of Civilization without it trying to kill them

Wickerbottom: Wurt has easy collection of Tentacle spots for crafting On Tentacles, and her being strongest in the swamp also means that she's more likely to collect lots of reeds. Additionally, Wickerbottom can keep Wurt fed much more easally than normal. Wurt can also read Wicker's books, and On Tentacles in particular is easy to get with Wurt and functions as a 5 time use icecream. restoring 50 sanity with each read.

Wormwood: lots of crops and Durian for Wurt, and Wurt can get lots of seeds for Wormwood.


And Finally, what are some good stratagies for Wurt? I'm sure there are some I'm missing, so feel free to add your own.


Rush Lunar: This is probably the most important for Wurt than it is for anyone. Stonefruits produce a ton of vegetables and grow in winter, and the bullkelp stalks on the beaches is probably the fastest way to collect the kelp for the Royal tapastry.

Befriend Merms for everything: With the exception of building and picking, Merms make everything that Wurt can do faster, from chopping trees, mining, clearing areas, ect. And as I said before, merms are extreamly cheap to befriend, being as easy as a few seeds.

Keep a fish on you: While they do rot quickly, Having a fish on you as wurt is fairly easy, and is capable of keeping your sanity stable in most situations. think like a garland, but useful.


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