A reason to start over

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ATM you are having all your researches left for the next character when you died, and yeah I guess it is positive as it doesnt make deaths TOO expensive.

I don't know but what about when you got all researches.

Cheap and populare resolution is to put the "paragon" system(COD reference sry!), when you got everything you have an option to start over totaly from scratch but with a bagde of of honor of some sort. Maybe add a minimun amount of days you have to survive too before this can be done that becomes bigger each time.

Full research + 100 days

Full research + 250 days

Full research + 500 days

Pure example ofc, if you got one or wanna alter mine give us your tought.

What rewards?

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I don't know about this "starting over" often means death in this game, and I don't think that they should do to much to reward death, and I like the current restart incentive of making a new world. Especially if they end up making the worlds bigger and end up having so much stuff to explore and so many unique features to find that they don't all get seeded into every world

Some people have mentioned having a headstone where you die if you continue in the same world.

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Well I'll be honest, I wouldn't mind a way to clear out all progress with science (but still have all the characters available). Don't necessarily need a reward... And I'm sure I could just clear saved data, but I'd like to be able to keep unlocked characters! :( I'd also like a headstone for where I may have died previously..

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