Lost all my saves


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That sucks :/ Haven't heard of this issue before, so I don't have any concrete solutions for you. Are you playing on the same computer as before?

Ninja saved game info is stored locally in a steam folder based on your steam user id:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\your_steam_userid\214560\remote\users

This is where the Steam Cloud files are cached for use by the game. If you've only logged into one steam account on your computer it should be easy to find, since it will be the only folder there.

Do you see a savegame.sav and settings.sav files in this directory? What are their timestamps and file sizes?

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Hmm. At this point I can't see anything specifically related to Mark of the Ninja that might have caused that, it is possible that it's a Steam Cloud related issue.

You might want to google for what other people have tried as far as resolving Steam Cloud sync issues, eg. restarting Steam, verifying your file cache, or using windows file history to recover older copies of your saved games.

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