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  1. Lost all my saves

    I tried verifying file cache, rebooting my computer, recovering is not possible... Well, I just starting a new game. But its very sadly after 12 hours of gameplay. Thank you very much for trying to help me!
  2. Lost all my saves

    Oh, sorry. savegame.sav timestamp 11-05-2012, settings.sav timestamp - 10-26-2012. I think, Steam Cloud files has been overwrited already... But where is my progress - I don't understand.
  3. Lost all my saves

    The same computer, yes. Files' timestamps are 11-05-2012 and time of my last starting a game (I mean, when I lost saves yet). Filesizes are: savegame.sav - 262144 bytes settings.sav - 16384 bytes
  4. Lost all my saves

    Hello! Today when I started the game I didn't find my saves. Press "Start game" - only the first level! Is it bug or troubles with Steam Cloud?