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If a dupe is directly hit by a meteorite, their helmet should crack and they should run around screaming holding their helmet as air rushes out.

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Exactly like the title says. It would be an "emergency" event for them and they would panic run back to the nearest exosuit dock to take off their exosuit. The event would cause a large increase in stress. 

I think it's a tremendous missed opportunity for comedy for them to never have their helmets crack. I remember an advertisement for Oxygen Not Included where a screaming dupe had a cracked helmet. I really wanted that to be in game. 

Bonus is if they are hit by a meteor while in the jetsuit. They should fly around like a balloon (with associated whoopy cushion noises) for a few seconds while they stabilize their flight and then head back to jetsuit dock in a similar state of panic. 



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It`s actually a cool idea. Only problem is the lack of control over dupes on the surface. We don`t have an alert building that would force them to evacuate.

The docked suit could remain cracked and require repairs before another dupe could use it again.

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I actually made an alert building to force them to evacuate :)

If you're interested, see below!


The bottom door has left-right access. The 2 upper doors have only left access. The top top door is the trick.

The 3 switches above are set to "toggle" (hmm seems to have reset when I loaded the game?)

The sensor closes the top door.

When the scanner says there's a meteor shower, the bottom door locks and the top door opens, causing everyone outside to rush to it (I have toggle on high priority). When they enter the room, the door closes and their only option is leaving the area.

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