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My idea for a Wendy rework

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Hello all, Im back with another little rework idea. This time its for Wendy and Abigail.

Now I dont consider this a full idea, as in, its not an idea that would be the only thing in a rework, at least I dont think it would.

My main Idea is that abigail would be able to be controlled by wendy. And that Abigail could be able to pick up items off of the ground and carry them to Wendy. She would'nt simply give the item to Wendy, rather she would drop it near Wendy's feet. And since this would require right-clicking on an item, you would not be able to do this while holding an item in your off-hand.




Here is an example of how I think it would work.

Now you might say, "but how is this useful at all". Well to that, I say that she would be able to grab items from across gaps and water. As well as out of the water!


Now like I said, I dont think of this idea as a FULL rework, I more think of it as something that would be added INTO the rework. So that she has the ability to collect distant items quickly and efficiently.

Do you guys have any ideas that you would want to be added? Or do you think this idea is bad? What could be Improved?


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Abigail as a personal Lantern,

the Ability for Abigail to “posses” Wendy allowing her to briefly levitate across small gaps of land.

The ability to recruit ghost followers instead of them attacking Wendy (they would be much Weaker than Abigail of course) 

able to craft and place “pretty flowers” on top of tombstones to mourn the dead, this will grant Wendy Sanity and a small HP gain.

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