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Cast Away - Surviving only on your starter island

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hamstar    23

Finding tropical paradisaical living to be a boring drag? Want to attempt surviving as one would expect to from a real shipwreck? Well, get out your volley ball pals, it's time for the Cast Away challenge!

Rules are simple:

  1. No boats. That includes surf boards.
  2. No Woodie, Wilba, Webber, Wormwood, or Wheeler. Woodie's and Wilba's curses negate the flint restriction, and Lucy makes that even worse. Webber's free spider eggs and monster meat tolerance solve any food shortage problem (also silk). Wormwood has unlimited crops. Wheeler's Air Horn makes morsels too easily obtainable.
  3. The only world settings you should modify are Rocks: More, Butterflies: None, Spiders: None. The added rocks should give you some starter gold and more flint, so you should be able to tech up. Butterflies and spiders are practically unlimited food.
  4. If you get a really bad starter island, you may retry. I'd recommend sticking it out, and see if your ingenuity can compensate, regardless.
  5. You must survive a full year cycle at least. If you want, you can shorten the season lengths (warning: monsoon may glitch out), to make this less of a battle of attrition.
  6. Try to avoid game breaking cheese strats.
  7. Does this seem too hard? Try playing as Wilbur.
  8. Does this seem too easy? Consider a strategy change:

    Try to avoid using Ice Makers. Also, consider a retry if you generate a really large island, such as one bigger than 3-4 full screen widths in each direction.


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