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  1. If you're going to update the DLCs, might as well nerf some really imbalanced things in SW: The volcano is too persistent and annoying and hard to deactivate (for the work involved) Coffee is too effective. Some sort of downside or nerf (maybe not simply the speed amount?) is needed. FIsh farms are way too generous. Food is already a non-issue for other reasons, but this just makes it silly. Especially with... Surf n' Turf is the game's magical super food. The ingredients are (relatively) easy to get get compared to their benefits. Maybe make the recipe not permit 2 monster meats or something? Also... Jellyfish are too convenient for munchies when on the move. Especially the rainbow ones. There needs to be a downside. Speaking of downsides for killing aquatic things, boat knights are pushovers. They need a melee attack. Also they're severely bugged, and respawn constantly. Volcano biome is kinda boring. Maybe Wolfgang could have a lifting contest vs some dragoons or something?