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  1. Sounds like something special is supposed to occur if you turn off your torches intentionally. Probably not, though.
  2. Anyone want to try Hardermode rebalance public Delta HIATUS and tell me if it plays well?
  3. Added Caloric Countdown to the optional mods list. It occurs to me that survival is possible against even starvation itself, after enough buildup. This should make for a nice natural difficulty ramping as you approach that point. I suspect this will strongly favor Wigfrid, though.
  4. Call me unsophisticated, but a well-fed Wolfgang seems just generally OP. He moves faster, hits harder, and soaks up more damage.
  5. Does this mod have config settings to disable teas? Those sound like ways to recoup from the disadvantages, and then some.
  6. Added Disable World Regrowth mod. If this isn't more restricting than RoG/SW/Ham, this should be fair to add as well.
  7. How should I address stone fruits? Is there a mod to adjust these?
  8. None of those seem to quite fit with what I'm trying to do. Maybe Warly's debuff could have a place, but I just can't establish a meaningful reason foods are less nutritious just because a character gets bored of them or whatever. Maybe they could just lose the heal or sanity heals instead? Metabolism could amp things up a bit, but isn't really necessary (unless this challenge as is just isn't doing it for you for some reason).
  9. What mod? Also, does your rebalancer have config settings to reduce beneficial recipes?
  10. Does anyone know of any mods that can restrict characters or character abilities?
  11. This makes only combat more difficult. Some combat instances are already about not taking hits as is, so they're even less relevant.
  12. I didn't know about this mod when I made this, but here's something that might be worth taking a look at:
  13. Looking for something to put your survival skills to the test, rather than just your building talents or boss memorizations? Maybe you've finished exploring all of the added content? Maybe you're playing alone and want to push your own limits, or else you want to see if your group strategy is up to snuff? Or maybe you just want to see who can survive the longest in a trying circumstance? If any of this sounds familiar, here's the game mode for you! To begin, you'll need to configure (Host) a new world with the following settings (tl;dr: most settings set to Less): Mods required (and their configs): Optional (flavor) mods; use at your discretion: Untested mods (in consideration; testing help is appreciated): Brutal Mode Does this still seem too soft? The following settings tweak will force you to plunge into the deep dark earth to fight cave spiders for your silk. No cheap and easy spider nest grinding to your heart's content. Note: Webber may negate this; recommend avoiding him, or else just his spider nests. If you have any mod or settings suggestions, please post them.
  14. Finding tropical paradisaical living to be a boring drag? Want to attempt surviving as one would expect to from a real shipwreck? Well, get out your volley ball pals, it's time for the Cast Away challenge! Rules are simple: No boats. That includes surf boards. No Woodie, Wilba, Webber, Wormwood, or Wheeler. Woodie's and Wilba's curses negate the flint restriction, and Lucy makes that even worse. Webber's free spider eggs and monster meat tolerance solve any food shortage problem (also silk). Wormwood has unlimited crops. Wheeler's Air Horn makes morsels too easily obtainable. The only world settings you should modify are Rocks: More, Butterflies: None, Spiders: None. The added rocks should give you some starter gold and more flint, so you should be able to tech up. Butterflies and spiders are practically unlimited food. If you get a really bad starter island, you may retry. I'd recommend sticking it out, and see if your ingenuity can compensate, regardless. You must survive a full year cycle at least. If you want, you can shorten the season lengths (warning: monsoon may glitch out), to make this less of a battle of attrition. Try to avoid game breaking cheese strats. Does this seem too hard? Try playing as Wilbur. Does this seem too easy? Consider a strategy change: