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Hello, wanted to drop a small suggestion: some players endeavor to make these huge grass tuft grass and sappling twig farms, clustered together in close quarters, which become an entire day chore of picking every couple of days (interrupted so often by hounds or other mishaps), because if you don't, they'll surely catch a disease, and this further becomes a huge annoyance in spring, where they grow so quickly.

It'd be cool if you could consider adding a craftable scythe tool to help you cut through a bunch of grass tufts or sapplings with some circular or semi-circular AOE so the drops fall to the ground and you can just pick them up faster, or leave them there for later retrieval, allowing the character still to detect diseased plantations.

I think such a tool would further encourage the player to make grass and sappling farms for quicker gathering and truly justify the second downside of it, which is disease, considered a garbage mechanic by many players. I like the mechanic, but it's a bit too awkward and underdeveloped because of the issue described above (not being able to counter it unless you pick your plants regularly) - a good chunk of them will surely die if you leave them be for a long period of time.

And well, you need a LOT of grass in the entire time you play the game, a tool like this could relieve the monotony of picking endlessly. Surely with such an useful tool I wouldn't mind if it's frail or quite demanding on flint or gold or even marble or a tusk to make McTusk's drops more worthy past getting the Cane and Shanter and the occasional Brush, it'd also make it for a late/mid game tool.

Thank you.

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