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  1. Hello, wanted to drop a small suggestion: some players endeavor to make these huge grass tuft grass and sappling twig farms, clustered together in close quarters, which become an entire day chore of picking every couple of days (interrupted so often by hounds or other mishaps), because if you don't, they'll surely catch a disease, and this further becomes a huge annoyance in spring, where they grow so quickly. It'd be cool if you could consider adding a craftable scythe tool to help you cut through a bunch of grass tufts or sapplings with some circular or semi-circular AOE so the drops fall to the ground and you can just pick them up faster, or leave them there for later retrieval, allowing the character still to detect diseased plantations. I think such a tool would further encourage the player to make grass and sappling farms for quicker gathering and truly justify the second downside of it, which is disease, considered a garbage mechanic by many players. I like the mechanic, but it's a bit too awkward and underdeveloped because of the issue described above (not being able to counter it unless you pick your plants regularly) - a good chunk of them will surely die if you leave them be for a long period of time. And well, you need a LOT of grass in the entire time you play the game, a tool like this could relieve the monotony of picking endlessly. Surely with such an useful tool I wouldn't mind if it's frail or quite demanding on flint or gold or even marble or a tusk to make McTusk's drops more worthy past getting the Cane and Shanter and the occasional Brush, it'd also make it for a late/mid game tool. Thank you.
  2. Necromantic powers such as using telltale hearts to raise the skeletons of befallen players and failed survivors and/or craft them with bones and nightmare fuel, to help you fight, insta aggro the hounds and further justify the innate damage penalty. Although it may be a bit excessive and out of place, not sure.
  3. No item or backpack falls from your inventory, only the item you've at hand and head, and chest if it isn't a backpack.
  4. Thanks for the tips. While I'm a bit down because beaver form became redundant, not so worth it, and unfairly expensive, at least it's good for gnawing stone fruit in mass.
  5. It seems a bit off that in Beaver form you do double damage to trees, but you actually do more damage with the Moose form instead. I suggest you further buff up the damage done to tree enemies with Beaver, and Beaver only. Furthermore, I think Beaver form became a tad bit useless/redundant now that Woodie has no drawback chopping trees himself, non-stop, with infinite axe and a regal shovel. Not sure what measure you could apply to make them different, but either change the Beaver rol from wood chopper to else or buff even more its chopping/gnawing capabilities (some slam with its tail to uproot stumps at once or uproot stumps with a single bite) could suffice. Thank you. EDIT: Although now that Beaver doesn't spawn guards anymore, I guess Beaver killing them is irrelevant now and you're meant to use Moose. Since the double damage to trees persisted I thought that was meant to be the way to kill trees. Nevermind I guess.
  6. If I die now, I wouldn't care. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I wanted to adress the following, in case it hasn't been noted and if it's unintended behaviour. I'm playing Don't Starve base game without any DLC, no Rog, SW nor HAM and the only mod is currently being used is Geometrical Placement, and no other more. Using Woodie, I am in process of taming a Beefalo and encouraging the Ornery tendency. I read in the wiki that a rided beefalo attack is supposed to deal normal beefalo damage to enemies (34 damage), however it seems it does damage according to whatever weapon Woodie has in his hand while riding it, as it takes 7 hits or so to kill a spider while walking cane is wielded and just 2 hits when I've the Hambat or Tentacle Spike equipped. I'm assuming it may mess up the Ornery and War Saddle bonus damage and not applying them whatsoever. I'm unsure if it's an intended behavior for Don't Starve alone and if it was addressed on further DLC. Thank you. EDIT: Also just noted that the weapon's durability gets depleted with each hit and being unnarmed actually uses beefalo damage.
  8. Hello, I just wanted to drop a small request/suggestion. It would be nice if you could add the ability to write in Signs and add Directional Signs just as they work in DST, to DS. Signs can totally help marking Wormholes with a brief description on the biome they take you to. In general Directional Signs can be just for decoration, but would be a good support for Woodie, since he can't access the map as Werebeaver, reading Directional Signs could really help to orient yourself around the map to go on gnawing graves, tombs or whatever in a far away biome. It's hard to remember where is everything and would like to keep mods at bay as most as possible with in-game alternatives. Thank you.