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A long and imaginative progression for DST

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I want to try to imagine an extremely long progression for DST, both in the materials and in the difficulty of the enemies.
Premise: the armor will no longer protect whit a percentage, but based on a fixed number of HP that they absorb.

Start of the game, generation portal: 

Reference material: Dry grass.
Dry grass armor, protects 5 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 10 to 15 damage.

Weapon damage: 5
Threats: Enemy life points: 10 to 15  

Reference material: Leather.
Leather armor, protects 10 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 15 to 20 damage. 

Weapon damage: 10
Threats: Enemy life points: 15 to 20

Reference material: Wood.
Wood armor, protects 15 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 20 to 25 damage.

Weapon damage: 20
Threats: Enemy life points: 45 to 50 

Reference material: Rocks and flint.
Rocks armor, protects 25 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 30 to 40 damage.

Weapon damage: 30
Threats: Enemy life points: 65 to 70

Reference material: Gold and Nitre
Gold armor, protects 35 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 40 to 50 damage.

Weapon damage: 40
Threats: Enemy life points: 125 to 165

Reference material: Marble
Marble armor, protects 45 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 50 to 60 damage.

Weapon damage: 50
Threats: Enemy life points: 155 to 205

Reference material: Moon rocks
Moon rocks armor, protects 60 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 75 to 80 damage.

Weapon damage: 60
Threats: Enemy life points: 310 to 370

Reference material: Iron
Iron armor, protects 70 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 85 to 90 damage.

Weapon damage: 70
Threats: Enemy life points: 430 to 500

Reference material: Iron ingot
Iron ingot armor, protects 80 HP.
Threats: Creatures that inflict 95 to 100 damage.

Weapon damage: 80
Threats: Enemy life points: 500 to 580

Reference material: Red gem and Blue gem.
Red armor, protects 90 HP, makes enemies fire / Blue armor, protects 90 HP, makes enemies freeze
Threats: Creatures that inflict 105 to 115 damage.

Weapon damage: 90
Threats: Enemy life points: 675 to 765

Reference material: Purple gem.
Purple armor, protects 100 HP, makes enemies go crazy
Threats: Creatures that inflict 120 to 125 damage.

Weapon damage: 100
Threats: Enemy life points: 850 to 950

Reference material: Orange gem and Green gem.
Orange armor, protects 120 HP, makes enemies teleport/ Green armor, protects 120 HP, it repairs itself over time
Threats: Creatures that inflict 150 to 160 damage.

Weapon damage: 120
Threats: Enemy life points: 1.260 to 1.320

Reference material: Yellow gem.
Yellow armor, protects 130 HP, makes lightning fall on enemies
Threats: Creatures that inflict 160 to 170 damage.

Weapon damage: 130
Threats: Enemy life points: 1.560 to 1.690

Reference material: Iridescent gem.
Iridescent armor, protects 150 HP, causes a random effect of all other gems
Threats: Creatures that inflict 180 to 190 damage.

Weapon damage: 150
Threats: Enemy life points: 2.250 to 3.000 

Reference material: Raw Thulechite.
Raw Thulechite armor, protects 200 HP
Threats: Creatures that inflict 240 to 250 damage.

Weapon damage: 200
Threats: Enemy life points: 4.000 to 6.000 (Seasonal giants)

Reference material: Thulechite.
Thulechite armor, protects 250 HP
Threats: Creatures that inflict 290 to 300 damage.

Weapon damage: 250
Threats: Enemy life points: 8.750 to 17.500 

Reference material: Infused Thulecite.
Infused armor, protects 300 HP
Threats: Creatures that inflict 375 to 400 damage.

Weapon damage: 300
Threats: Enemy life points: 21.000 to 30.000 (Toadstool, Dragonfly)

Beyond thulecite...

Reference material: True Thulecite
Tular armor, protects 1.000 HP
Threats: Creatures that inflict 1.140 to 1.145 damage.

Weapon damage: 1.000
Threats: Enemy life points: 333.000 and beyond (Cosmic Horror, Great Old One)


Excuse this strange delirium, playing the Franckin Universe, I come to think of strange things




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Well.in singelplayer dont starve this is theoreticaly possible but i see no way of even remotely integrating this into DST.

We have some things that scale with day count(varg chance,hound wave size...)

But having things that are 200times stronger spawn on New player ,because they joined a dedicated Server on day 350or so would simply be to extreme.

I think the way it is now works perfectly.

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51 minutes ago, Pop Guy said:

I want to try to imagine an extremely long progression for DST, both in the materials and in the difficulty of the enemies.
Premise: the armor will no longer protect whit a percentage, but based on a fixed number of HP that they absorb.


Yep, a great example of gear scaling with the world and enemies. Really could be cool, the more I think about it the more I realize there is already a lot of ways to introduce world changing mechanics like this! The atrium portal releasing gorge/forge biomes/enemies. Most recently the meteor that caused the water to change and the lunar island to appear... could fall after some kind of world event, meaning the water would be the classic cardboard water until this "world changing event" occurs, causing the meteor to fall, the lunar island to appear, and the tides to... well, turn from cardboard to the actual traversal water we have now! Of course the lunar island would have to be ... very different... and these are extreme changes........... perhaps more of dreams than suggestions unfortunately......... But like I said, the current road Klei is taking isn't leading anywhere.

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