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  1. I don't know, Mike, your posts have been some pretty confusing illuminati level theory stuff. Man, all it takes for a new player to learn how to kite deerclops is to realize you can hit it like 4 times and walk away. Maybe it would be best to just slow down... step away from all this.. and ask yourself...... Do you really feel that DST's combat is perfectly fun and engaging as it is right now? I would love to understand where you are coming from, but I just can't. We aren't devs man, we are just putting ideas out there. None of us here have perfect solutions, but I would like to believe one thing we can all agree on is that we want to see the best for the game. With threads like this.... my hope is that a dev or something reads it and can maybe try and understand the perspective from all kinds of players. I truly believe working to make the combat system more fun and adding a progression system could be what DST needs. Do I know for sure that would all work out? Of course not, but what I do know is that DST won't survive for much longer on fluff content. If you want to see the game grow, why not be open to suggestions and discussion like this instead of pushing it off and suggesting that players don't know anything. Do you think DST's current path is really going to cause the game to grow?
  2. Memory takes some time, that's where those initial hours come from. Don't Starve is considered to be a cruel game to new players. Why? Because they don't know anything and they don't know how to kite. It can be frustrating even, as a lot of DST's threats you would never be able to know about without playing, which trial and error can be fun and is very much so present in Dark Souls... but that doesn't really mix well with DST's permadeath, which can be another issue entirely for a lot of players looking to get into the game. I personally, don't mind getting my teeth kicked in a few times, but I certainly understand that not being for everyone.... But then those players who enjoyed the challenge stick around and realize the game's difficulty goes out the window once you just memorize everything. So DST has this weird unhealthy loop where it scares away new players...... and old players... And as for that last bit, I think you should read @BeanBagSonic's post, which highlights how shallow DST's combat is compared to other games. I said that before too, I don't just want the game to be JUST more challenging, I also want it to be more engaging. I very much so believe that a great combat system can make a game very engaging though. I can't offer perfect solutions, I'm just putting it out there that it might be worth a try at the very least. Like I said before, this game isn't going to survive on fluff updates for much longer. Its just hard for me to picture a world where we somehow get around these massive design flaws, but I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.
  3. Imagine if that boss was fun, and DST had a nice combat system. Look at Terraria, everyone who has played it for a good amount of time knows how each boss works and their attack patterns, yet there is still a good amount of skill/timing required to take down that boss, that game's combat system is part of the reason why that game is so replayable. Again you missed the point....
  4. You are still missing the point. DST's bosses are health sponges and can't be kited in some situations. Its shallow, and just boils down to chugging bluecaps and holding ctrl f. Practically unavoidable attacks and mass amounts of HP make them even less engaging than normal kiting in some ways, so I'm certainly not asking for that. And........... I still think you should REALLY REALLY give @BeanBagSonic's post a read. This Dark Souls comparison really got out of hand, I'm not asking for a combat system like dark souls. I'm just asking for something more skill based and engaging. I'm no game developer, but I can't really see any new content that can be added that won't suffer from DST's unengaging combat system or its lack of a progression system. I want to be proven wrong, really.
  5. No you're not the only one who plays games, Mike. I hope you're right and Klei is planning something big, but I have a hard time believing it. Every single update in RoT has been fluff so far, in fact this thread was made to address that issue. This is getting petty and you are continuing to miss my point. @BeanBagSonic explained what I was saying much better about DST's combat being shallow, so see that if you want to. If you are referring to the bosses you listed, sure I have done those, not all at the same time though. Like I just said, this continues to miss my point about DST's combat being unengaging, shallow, and in the end just not fun.
  6. In what circumstance will you ever be fighting toadstool, bee queen, fuelweaver, and the shadow pieces all at the same time? That won't ever happen, so why in the world would have I known how to do that without going out of my way to try it. Since DST's combat system is just memory, I and everyone else here, probably can do that once we memorize what we have to do. But... why would we? I already said I don't think that's fun at all, since I don't find DST's combat engaging. I'm not trying to say Dark Souls is perfect, and I'm absolutely not saying I want something like Dark Soul's combat system in DST, I just want something more engaging. I really do hope there is a way for new content to be added that will actually shake up the game and manage to be engaging, without these drastic changes, because like I said, I don't think Klei wants to or can even change something like the combat system. Its just a shame because any new piece of content they add will suffer from DST's two main flaws. Its unengaging combat system and lack of progression. I still think it would just be worth a shot to try and change those.
  7. Heheh. We are practically spamming here and the thread is hot now, thanks to us I'm pretty sure. We should probably stop or take this to PMs if you really want to. But you are still missing the point. I never soloed "1 x 1 Toad, B Queen, Fuel, Pieces" and I really don't care to because DST's combat system isn't fun.
  8. And in DST you count to 10 in your head and walk away. We are just going to have to disagree here, which is fine. It just should be very easy to see which combat system here is less shallow.
  9. If that boss was fun to fight thanks to a nice combat system, maybe it wouldn't get as repetitive. In what ways are they the same at all really? I'd explain why... they aren't... but I would just be repeating myself.
  10. I'm absolutely not saying Don't Starve's combat system is better than DST's, if that's what you are implying. They are the same exact thing. EDIT: Sorry for the confusion. Actually fighting through a long Dark Souls Boss can be rewarding and fun since the combat system is actually engaging... unlike DST's
  11. What! Of course I don't want to die, that's the entire point of a survival game! Kiting bee queen might be harder than counting to 6 with that beefalo example... but that doesn't make it a fun or engaging combat system.. Most of the DST bosses are just health sponges. And like I said, I think exploits just add to the problem. Why would I suffer through a long boss fight since the combat system isn't fun when I could just cheese a boss? Its such a silly thing to suggest that this is somehow the player's fault. Of course you can create your own fun with sandboxes, but that core experience still should be engaging and fun. I think you need to realize how shallow DST's combat system is, ESPECIALLY when compared to Dark Souls. Difficulty isn't the only thing I'm complaining about here, combat in DST just isn't fun.
  12. I appreciate the compliment , but if we compare my... uhh kiting.. "skills" to being able to play dark souls without looking is kind of laughable, its very easy to see here which one really requires more skill. These games have immensely different combat systems and dark souls' is obviously the better one. Now, I'm not sure how many people are able to play dark souls blindfolded, but I'm pretty sure anyone can tell you its at least a tiny bit harder than counting to 6 in your head and slightly walking away from a beefalo. Kiting in DST is memory. I assure you, anyone can do it once they remember how many hits each enemy is. The difference between learning an enemy in dark souls, or a lot of other game's with drastically better combat systems, is that you still have to execute a movement/strategy and can still very well fail. I'm not specifically asking for something as intense as Dark Souls, but just ANYTHING that is more engaging.
  13. Yeah that's probably something I should have mentioned too. Exploits like that make the unengaging combat system even worse, since its not even fun.
  14. Does getting better at almost any other game completely remove challenge? No, but memory helps for sure. There is still some skill required in executing a movement/plan in any other game ...but not in DST. That's what I mean.. by "it should take more skill".. it shouldn't just be counting to 6 in your head and walking backwards a tiny bit.
  15. Personally, I think it pretty much becomes... objectively bad game design if the only solution here is to cripple yourself. Players shouldn't have to force themselves to play a game a certain way to make the experience engaging in the slightest. For many, it is extremely hard to engage with content... that is really just wasting their time. Things like lunar island fail because there is absolutely nothing there that is interesting... or worth your time. Its just fluff. That's not so say fluff/just for fun content, like these rat races, doesn't have any place in games, its just that there absolutely needs to be a well designed core experience without the fluff.. which right now, DST is lacking. As pointed out in this thread by many, DST's main flaw holding it back is that it relies entirely on memory (Which is not good when your game is supposed to be replayable!). Any threat in this game becomes completely obsolete once you know about it. ANY new content they add with DST's current combat system and non-existent progression system, will suffer from this same exact flaw. So...... that's where I would start. Revamp the combat system to rely less on memory and more on skill. This would make it so that even if you are familiar with how an enemy works, it would still require some skill to take it out. And as for a progression system.... well uhh...... add one! The world could get increasingly difficult with increasingly good/interesting rewards.. They could add world-changing events that cause these increases and open up the world in new ways, like for an easy example, killing the fuelweaver. Open up the portal to gorge and forge or something... and have content from those events leak into the world... as biomes... weapons... npcs/enemies... etc.. Another one could be the chunk of the moon falling. Have some event cause it to fall from the moon, changing the water from the classic cardboard to the real traversable water we have today. Of course, that would require them to change the lunar island and to make it actually rewarding and fun to go there.... same for the ocean in general. And I realize these changes might not be for everyone.... so..... it could be... OPTIONAL.. a setting you select when creating the world or something. There could be a "Classic mode", which would be what we have today... and a new "mode" for whatever you want to call these changes. As cool as I think all of that COULD potentially be.... I unfortunately really don't think any of these changes are plausible with.. err.. Klei's current mindset. Its clear that all of this new content is intentionally designed to be fluff and only fluff. Quite frankly, I'm not even sure they would know HOW to change the game, as that would require you to understand the game's current systems and flaws. Just go watch a stream of theirs, its abundantly clear they don't really... play the game. I hope I'm wrong there.. but ehhh... But, what do I know? I won't act like I'm an expert game designer, I fully realize changes like these are difficult/time consuming... and I doubt are something I would be able to perfectly come up with myself... But...all I'm trying to say is that it might be worth a shot. I truly believe it would be very much so worth their time to just, at the very least........ think about something like this.... In the end, fluff content isn't going to be able to keep this game alive for much longer.