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  1. Even if they want to get rid of the uncompromising label, I don't really think that should mean the only form of difficulty you can get in game is from severely crippling yourself. Again, this about being engaging in the least bit, rather than uncompromising at this point.... unfortunately.. The first example there is still broken even if its limited time. Not that it matters since there are so much more extremely cheesy things in the game, which again gets to the point where you might as well just spawn em in with console commands. And the 2nd, I still think its cheesy you can just run to a pig to get the tree guard to forget about you in a second. Pigs aren't exactly rare. Again, not that it matters. Like Ogrecakes said, tree guards are probably one of the easiest enemies in game. Just remember the number of hits and there is 0 chance of you even getting hit at all. This can be said for way too many enemies, if not all of them. Again, this is all present in DS as well, seems more like bad game design rather than a "forgiving" difficulty.
  2. This doesn't really have to do with anything. Multiplayer doesn't change the AI being broken at all. The AI in DS singleplayer is broken in many ways too. The example Ogrecakes left is very much so possible in DS. Either way, I don't believe this excuses over half of the game's ai being cave man levels of primitive. Most of these exploits are so bad you might as well just start spawning items in with console commands.
  3. Walani in DST

    It doesn't say that she was directly, but its heavily implied.
  4. Wurt

    Really! Where are the characters currently... in the story? The last... thing to happen was them hopping through the Gorge portal and now they are just seemingly in limbo.... or was that... just retconned? Mumsy and Billy said they would follow you through, I guess they just died on the way there or something..... It really would be nice to know what happened.
  5. I'm sorry, but I think you are being rather unreasonable. I'm not sure what is so hard to understand about DST getting a solo play option, it would essentially be just DS on DST. Heck, ghosts wouldn't even have to exist if you are hung up about that, same with rollbacks. You said they are distinct games, but I completely disagree. I mean, if you had no idea the games were seperate and saw two pictures of them, would you be able to differentiate the two? Definitely not. And how would DST play different than DS if you just played alone? This isn't a sequel, its a copy of the game that just recieved more polish and multiplayer. I can not support Klei supporting DS any further, as that would just strengthen this incredily stupid divide in the community. DST is the same experience DS is, if you play it solo that is. With a solo play option... you would have this. Wanting Klei to continue supporting DS just because of a few minor differences... is unreasonable. Klei can't afford that, and quite frankly it would be incredibly stupid if they did when they could satisfy mostly everyone with this solo play option. Nobody has to be left behind.... I don't understand this problem. It's also essentially a fact that DST is superior to DS. Yes some of that content is directed to multiplayer, but its just the more comfortable game to play. It recieved much more polish and... content. The things you listed are such trivial things... Also I do think most players think DST is better, because they want polish/updates from DST to come to DS! You both mentioned lag too, which is also silly if you read any bit of what we are suggesting, as lag would not be a thing with this solo play option. I understand it might not be entirely the same.... but I do truly believe this is the most logical solution at this point.
  6. Thing is DST is really just DS, just more polished and missing SW and Hamlet. The situation with DS gaining multiplayer is different than most games, look at Minecraft and Stardew valley. Those games added mutliplayer without having to make a different game. Now lets imagine I made a game, but then sold an exact copy of that game with the only difference being this one has multiplayer. Can I really call that a different game? Then imagine I added small different updates and polishes to those games, I would be selling two copies of the same game, one is just lesser at this point with minor differences. For whatever reason, even after DST was released, they continued adding different fixes and content updates to each game, even though all of the content could easily have just been on one single game. THIS here is what split the playerbase even more after making the big switch from DS to DST. Its really a bizarre thing if you think about it, I understand technical limitations and stuff lead to this split, but I will never understand why they had different teams working on what is essentially the same game, or why they went back to DS after already making the huge switch from DS TO DST. Again there is no reason why DST couldn't be the home for solo players and people who play with their friends. It would basically just be the "ultimate don't starve experience". And yes, I did say "Support for DS should have stopped when DST released.", sounds harsh, but it really isn't. This entire issue wouldn't exist if they just did the switch from DS to DST and made content solo play friendly and multiplayer friendly. This weird divide and half the player base getting left behind with DS didn't have to happen. But it did, and here we are. I find it baffling that Klei still hasn't even tried getting you guys back, I completely understand the frustration and I am very sorry. This isn't fair and it doesn't have to happen.
  7. I can understand the frustration, especially if you don't have the best internet connection. Klei seemingly has stopped working on DS and this is most likely because they finally realized.... they just can't. Working on two seperate versions of the same game, where one is straight up just more uncomfortable to play than the other, is not a healthy model. Not only is it confusing to new people looking to buy the game, but it completely divides the player base for no good reason. This is definitely a problem I've talked about multiple times, but the ideal solution would have been to drop DS right when DST was becoming successful, and make it solo player friendly. It made no sense making an exclusive dlc from the ground up just for their singleplayer game, but they did... and thats that. But now, I see no reason why they can't make DST singleplayer friendly. Give people the option when generating a world to select solo play. In this mode, things would be more DS like since some things wouldn't have to be changed since there wouldn't be multiple players. Like caves would function how they did in DS, and mob hp would be tweaked to make a more enjoyable experience for a solo player. I know there is all that ugly technical stuff like how would skins work offline, but it is no doubt possible. It would very much be worth their time. Currently however, it does seem they have totally ditched you guys.... I'm really hoping they do something like this solo play thing to take you guys back in. There is no logic to leaving behind half your player base when you don't have to.
  8. Which...... makes it even more confusing that they would continue to add items like those without even attempting to fix the current ones.
  9. I think saying no to content simply because it has the potential to lead to griefing is silly. I can say this about a torch really, which could deal the same amount of damage and require a roll back. Its just two grass and twigs to completely torch a base. Griefing will always happen, there really is no stopping that, so limiting the game just because its possible isn't a good idea.
  10. I'd say the disappointment is reasonable. Its a pretty big shift, and to many that's WHY they got into DS in the first place.. now that's just gone.. giving up and leaving or... just sucking it up and pretending this is the game you used to love... is kind of sad, no? I barely play DST anymore, but I still care deeply about it. I think.. again this is just the case of someone wanting to see the best from the game. It had... and has.. so much potential to be great.
  11. Wow, what a pointless comment! This thread is full of valuable criticism and opinions from all kinds of players. Something like this could be extremely valuable to the devs as it shows them what different kind of players want to see. And no, they didn't fix EVERY single person's issues with the Willow and Woodie rework, not even close, that is impossible. Doubt you even read the thread, but if you go just one page back you can see JoeW himself suggested that you should respect everyone's opinion even if you disagree.
  12. [Game Update] - 368379

    If you read one of my replies (the ones you confuse emoted ) you can see I already said that I don't think any of the characters are perfect. Woodie is just the worst offender and he already got a rework, unlike the top tier characters you listed who still have a chance to be fixed! Woodie is supposedly "fixed", but he still lacks a downside.
  13. How is this selfish though? People are merely leaving suggestions, nothing more. Klei can take and ignore what they want, trust me they do ignore. If anything, I'd say these players are being generous! Taking time from their day to stop by here and say what they believe would be the best for the game. Do you know how much people just get sick of something and then just refund or stop playing? Nobody.. has to suggest anything at all, but then how would Klei know what route to go? Feedback, in any form really, is a good thing in my eyes. Look, I get some people don't always leave it in the most polite way, but that's how things are, even then there is probably SOMETHING you can take from it. Everyone's opinion should be valued.
  14. [Game Update] - 368379

    Yeah, again sanity and hunger are negligible at any stage of the game really. If you truly believe that's something that can kill you, then sure. This still would only happen on full moons the rest is at your own leisure. Hey I completely agree downsides fall flat because as I like to say quite a lot hahaha is that DST relies way too much on memory to be challenging. Difference between Woodie's downside and Wormwood's is that Wormwood's changes how you play at least a little bit, you aren't going to be able to just stock up on blue caps, even though like you said there is a plethora of other ways to heal, it is still in my opinion the best downside in game, as in it actually does change how you play. Unfortunately I think Wormwood's perks are counterintuitive... like how his thorns armor encourages him to take damage, when that's the last thing you should want to do. 20 damage on Wormwood is much more urgent as he can't just gobble up like 2 butterflies, unlike Woodie who can. Again more of an annoyance than an actual downside. Look at Wormwood again, this barely changes how you play. I still stand by 20 hp and a minor amount of sanity being absolutely nothing, but again if that's an actual problem for you other characters' with real downsides would be much worse for you. But that's all it is. Boring and annoying. I know you are being sarcastic by saying she is just a Wilson who learns recipes faster, but haha is that not true? Though her downside isn't the sanity drain from reading, its not being able to sleep. Even then.... that's nothing, as established, there is a plethora of other much more effective ways to heal. She totally is just a better Wilson like Woodie, again I'm not saying the other characters are perfect, far from that. I'm just pointing out that Woodie right now truly does not have a downside, which when done right could make for an awesome character. Another difference is that.. Woodie got his rework, the thing that was supposed to "fix" him, whereas Wickerbottom still has a shot. Agreed, Woodie lost what made his character special for me, now he is practically just an unexplained Canadian shapeshifter.
  15. [Game Update] - 368379

    I was including hunger when I said "minor annoyance". I can't think of any scenario where I wouldn't have like two meatballs ready to go at any full moon. Well technically nobody is forcing you to use the totem, but either way I'd say the effects are negligible. The minus 20 sanity is a joke as sanity isn't an issue ever, just another annoyance so I suppose that is just another "minor annoyance". The 20 health really only affects you in the moose form since I assume you would be fighting, but in the other two forms who cares? You are probably just chopping trees or uhh running. But either way its just 20 hp, which is barely noticeably and easily healed after the transformation ends. The loss of sanity from pine cones... isn't a downside, but just something they removed. .And doesn't the tree guard thing not affect werebeaver? Either way its just a tree guard, quite literally the easiest "boss".