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  1. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    You keep saying he is wrong, but you can't prove it either. Even if you are somehow lagging the Devs could fix that and most likely have more knowledge than all of us here to as why you would be lagging. Health adjustment isn't the only thing we are suggesting here, but yes that would help. I can not fathom why you guys are so against DST becoming singleplayer and multiplayer friendly. I refuse to believe that there is absolutely no solution to your lag problem. Extremely rude stuff right here, but I will still read through it I guess. You are suggesting massive health sponge raid bosses are a fun thing to deal with alone? You are straight up calling him bad, which is not only rude, but an assumption entirely. Not to mention some stuff just being tedious rather than actually difficult. DST's combat system is really just memory, what I'm trying to do with these changes is making playing alone just as enjoyable as it is on DS, not necessarily easier. This would erase the need for them to try and keep DS alive with content that could have been more beneficial to their more alive game, and make mostly everyone happy without splitting the player base in half.
  2. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    No offense, but the analogy you made with Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy is extremely poor. Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy are.... drastically different games. I can't really even take this analogy seriously. I'm sorry, but if you are trying to compare DS and DST's differences to Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy's differences we better just stop now, I am not going to be able to take this seriously. I also don't believe I am putting words into your mouth, you said something about bosses being changed, which I assumed you meant dragonfly as she is really the only one who went through minor changes. It doesn't really matter though, as these are still trivial. You are referring to the DLC's, the ones that could be enjoyed just as much on DST if it were possible, meaning they aren't really unique? I will use your example against you, Mario Galaxy and Mario 64 are entirely different games that require different things from you. This is just not the case for DS and DST.
  3. Ok, I replied to you on the other thread. I don't want to start repeating the same things here and there so I will just link it.
  4. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    They are the same game. The DLCs are separate and like I said could exist without Don't Starve single player just fine on DST. The things you listed here are so trivial, this is like saying I could release a game and update it then release an older version of that game and call them separate games. Are you really saying that things like moving dragonfly, having a different cave system, and other minor features like adventure mode make the games completely different? @BeanBagSonic made a great point, you would absolutely not be able to tell the difference between the two games if you compared two pictures of them. So no, these don't sound quite different to me. I still can't understand why you think this will hurt people's singleplayer experience. DST gets content that singleplayer will never receive, like character reworks. They have already given up on updating the base game it seems, that's why it makes even less sense to keep adding DLCs that would work just fine on DST to DS. This would allow everyone to enjoy the same content the way they want to. I guess we will just have to disagree here. I do believe it would be worth porting the DLCs over, but I already said I understand they are already finished and porting them over now would be an unreasonable thing to ask for.. Ah geez I feel like I'm repeating the same thing over and over again. I just can't see how me requesting to not have to own a separate game JUST TO HAVE AN ENJOYABLE SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE is anything close to a utopia! Very few games split apart like this to be multiplayer and single player! I know you think that is silly for some reason, but I just can't understand why. Merging the games now might be more difficult sure, but stopping development on single player and making DST essentially the ultimate Don't Starve experience... is really not. I can name you a thousand games that have added multiplayer without splitting into two separate games. And your not a game dev and neither am I, who are we to say something like this would take ages. It would take work of course, but this work would be worth it. I apologize, I understand saying "Everyone would be happy" as if absolutely every living soul would be pleased, is just not true, but I do not see how this would upset many people. You keep saying I didn't explain myself in those threads, but I have. Anyways, people could play the same content as everyone else, alone or together. There is already an ugly split between the community. Since DST is not solo play friendly, of course players have to go to DS if they don't like multiplayer. These players miss out on all of DST's new content. And since DS doesn't have multiplayer people get upset that they can not play Hamlet or SW online, and on the better game engine. These issues are silly and unnecessary. I have already explained multiple reasons why I believe this would benefit klei in the other thread you responded me to in. I suppose I can repeat myself again. DS has a much smaller player base than DST. DST gets so much more traffic and has much more potential to make Klei money. I think maybe looking at things in long run could help you understand what I'm saying. Lets say Klei released Hamlet for DST, rather than just out right charging for it they could have released it a long side a skin pack. Now the skins will directly make them money, but the massive content that Hamlet contains would keep players coming back and bring new players in. These players would keep playing and keep the game alive. This would benefit them even more in the long run. Hahahahahaahahaha well not that Hamlet is the best example, as literally anything besides what they actually did would have made them more money (12k copies for free). Also, like it or not, multiplayer is a big selling point to a lot of people. That's just how it is right now, I get that leads to some ugly situations in other games, but why is that a bad thing if this multiplayer isn't hurting the solo experience? Don't you think that its a bit excessive that I have to own a separate version of the same game just to play single player? Anyways I'm doing that now, but I haven't replied to you because believe it or not I can not be on the forums 24/7, and have been busy doing other things. There has been various reasons listed by others and myself on this thread & the other one. And no, if someone unfamiliar with this situation saw SW gameplay and some gameplay of DST, it would still be very difficult to tell that these are not the same games. They are the same game, they share the same art style, basic mechanics, and only differ due to multiplayer and in the long run those other very minor differences you listed. But, I shouldn't have to spend 15 dollars to play Don't Starve alone on the older and less refined engine. Hey there is a game that has multiplayer and singleplayer on the same game. Minecraft didn't completely split up and make a separate game to allow for multiplayer. A better example if you want one is Stardew Valley. When he decided that he wanted to implement multiplayer he didn't create a standalone version of the game and then release different content updates on each one. DS's situation happens very rarely in games. I understand why they made the decision to do so, but treating them like they are different games is silly for the various reasons that have been stated.
  5. Ok, apologies, but I have no idea how to quote on mobile so im just going to reply your points in order, pe5e. 1. DS is the lesser game. It is less polished and runs on the older engine. It also .. well lacks multiplayer, an optional feature that purely adds to the experience. There is no reason to purchase DS now that DST exists, well that is if solo play existed. And your point about them being two different teams, I absolutely believe it would be beneficial for them to merge and work together. They are both talented teams and if they work together I believe they could accomplish great things. Once again, this would benefit the devs. The Hamlet team got little for their efforts on Hamlet, thats part of the reason I believe it was rushed out and released so suddenly. Why do you think the devs should continue wasting their time making content exclusive to their lesser game when it can be enjoyed by everyone on DST, solo or together? DST has the much larger player base. Their work would be rewarded and people would be able to enjoy it how they wanted to. 2.They are selling two versions of the same game on the store. This is extremely confusing for users looking to purchase the game. I already did explain most of these, but ill do it again. If Hamlet was designed for DST not only would it be exposed to a bigger player base, players could enjoy it anyway they want to. Solo or together. I am sorry, but players shouldn't have to purchase a lesser version of the game to play DLCs that could have very well been designed to work on DST too. 3. Wow. You keep saying I am not explaining my points, but why do you think DS and DST are not the same games? And maybe its not confusing to us, but I assure you this is confusing to random users looking to buy the game. Multiplayer doesn't usually justify releasing a copy of the same game just with online play. I understand why they made this decision, but people who have no idea about the Don't Starve franchise will not understand this. Its very silly.
  6. I realize now that I said thread and not post, my apologies. What I meant is that he missed the point of my posts. I'm not going to defend DST being a sequel though, because I'd say you are right about that. They are the exact same game, DS is just the lesser one. Arrogant? I'm not sure why are you are getting upset by what I am saying and now calling me names, but really I am sorry if I came of as rude. If anything, I want everyone to be happy, including you. As I said in post, I want all players to enjoy Klei's wonderful content in the ways they want. I also wasn't suggesting combining the games at this point, If they wanted DST to be a DLC for DS back then, sure, but they didn't do that and we are way to far into development. What I'm asking for is for them to focus on one game and working to make everyone happy there, solo players and people who like multiplayer. Once again, I would like if they ported the DLCs over, but I understand that's unreasonable to ask for at this point. I'm just saying that if Hamlet was designed from the ground up for solo play and multiplayer, and then put on DST instead of singleplayer, the devs would be in a much better situation now, and everyone would be happy, again including you! The devs clearly are having issues with developing content for singleplayer, I would say its due to the lack of resources, giving 12k copies away for free and the far smaller playerbase. Please understand that this would help the players and the devs. The devs would be rewarded much more by making content for DST as it has the much bigger playerbase. And as I said many times in my posts, if solo play was a thing for DST, everyone would be just as happy there. I'm not sure you realize how silly this looks on the steam store. Imagine you are a new player looking to purchase the game and find that there appears to be two versions of the same game on the steam store. This is extremely confusing and unnecessary. Once again, there are easy solutions to these problems. It is absolutely worth the Dev's time to fix them. Also, I'm sorry, but this logic that mods fix everything is very upsetting. Why should players have to go out and subscribe to mods that do things the game should be able to do? This is another thing that is definitely worth the dev's time. Not to mention, these mods just scale HP. There are other things that can be tweaked to make DST more enjoyable for solo play.
  7. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I replied to you on the other thread, but I will say something here too. Once again, hosts shouldn't lag. If you are lagging as a host then there is some other issue, that is not a connection issue. You talk as if you will never be connected to the internet. I don't think the issue is lacking an internet connection entirely for a lot of people, but having a poor one. Which even if you have a poor connection, it shouldn't affect you solo world. You also brought up caves, how about if you choose the solo play option it just goes back to the way DS caves work. This would require work from klei of course, but it would undoubtedly be worth their time. One solution to the skins and Wortox thing could be checking your account every 30 days or so to see that you own everything. Again, its not a perfect solution, but just an idea. Once again, I'm not a game dev, but I know these issues have solutions.
  8. You seem to have entirely missed my point in this thread and the other thread you replied to me in. DST is the sequel to don't starve. It makes no sense to continue supporting DS. The multiplayer part doesn't even have to matter. They could have made Hamlet for DST and it would have been just as enjoyable for solo players and people who like multiplayer. I don't get what is so hard to understand about that. It is purely a good thing. If content was designed for multiplayer and solo play everyone would be able to enjoy it the way they want. Everyone would be happy, including you! Singleplayer is obsolete because it is the inferior game.The DLCs are all it has going for it, but as I said many times could be enjoyed alone on DST if they were playable there. It runs on the older engine and is just a less polished DST. I am not saying that a singleplayer mode shouldn't be a thing... I'm practically begging for solo play on DST. I'll explain that again, I guess. If DST had a solo play option singleplayer would actually become obsolete, which is what should have happen right when DST was released. If the game scaled depending on the player count you would be able to play alone just fine. All of DST's content right now would be completely playable alone if they just did some minor tweaks if you selected a "solo play" mode or something when making a world. I completely understand people who enjoy playing alone because of connection issues, but connection issues don't exist if you are playing alone on DST. Hosts don't lag. The only time lag is an issue is when you are playing with others. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I know little about this stuff. I just don't see why a host would be lagging. If there are any issues with lag, it is most likely due to some bug, and not connection issues. I realize the game checks your account for your skins, and that requires a connection, but as someone said in the other thread this issue doesn't matter. They are just skins. Not to mention, there are probably work arounds for issues like these. I'm not a game developer, but I doubt it is impossible to fix Wortox and even skins being unavailable if you lack an internet connection. But, hey if i'm wrong and that is completely impossible, you still wouldn't be lagging as you are the host of your own game. The problem that people who want to play solo have is that the game does not scale or tweak mobs at all. It is nearly impossible to do any of the raid bosses alone. That's why I want a solo play mode. Really, this would benefit everybody, including you.
  9. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    Yes! That's another thing I was super disappointed about! The Roc has such an amazing design. I was extremely disappointed to find out that it was really just a cool looking wormhole to an empty island. Not to mention you only really need it to show up once.
  10. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I still don't understand why DST can't have a solo play option. It can't be that hard for Klei to scale mob HP and tweak things according to player count. This would solve the issue for everyone, you would be able to play with no connection issues (still solo unfortunately for you, since you enjoy multiplayer, curse lag!) and people who like multiplayer would still be able to play online with friends, these players would be able to enjoy the same content, but some things would just be tweaked for the most enjoyable experience based on the amount of players. Not to mention, almost all of DST's content would work fine in solo play with just a few tweaks! Its just silly to keep developing both games separately at this point, and it seems Klei is finally realizing that and focusing on DST. That doesn't mean what they did to Hamlet was cool though. Like you said, content was promised and simply not delivered. Nobody has to miss out! This issue doesn't have to exist! Solo play for DST needs to be a thing!
  11. I will never understand the decision to continue development on singleplayer even after multiplayer came out. It is not hard to satisfy everyone. They could have very well scaled mobs hp to amount of players and designed things with solo play in mind too. I love both of the singleplayer DLCS, but am more disappointed that I have to play them on DS and can't on DST. As of now, nearly all of the DST content could be played solo if they did what I said and tweaked mob hp and AI if you are playing solo. It is also just very confusing for new players looking to buy the game, they have what are essentially the same two games being sold separately on the steam store with separate content. DST should have been the sequel to DS, it is right now the more polished game. If it were designed to be played solo too, it would have made everyone happy. Some people here are listing some of the awesome stuff from Hamlet, but that could have been just as awesome on DST.
  12. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this. Its completely okay to be disappointed and vocal if you are upset how a product turned out, I am not sure what this being Klei's forum has anything to do with this. You....uhh...are supposed to do that on video game's forum. I understand some people may not leave this criticism in the most polite way, but that's just how it is. If someone is disappointed in Hamlet they are completely allowed to say why. You used the words "throwing shade", as if everyone here is calling Klei a garbage truck. Gosh, people leaving criticism aren't laughing maniacally as their master plan to destroy Klei and ruin Wilson's life unfolds, trust me, even the people less polite with their criticism deeply care about the game. People leave criticism because they want to see Klei do better. We know they could have. Hamlet is the worst kind of disappointing for me, it had so.. so much potential, but they just abandoned it. I understand the reasoning behind it I suppose, it made them little to no money, but that goes into the other point you brought up about them giving away the 12k copies for free. Why did they do this though. Really, I would like to know. This didn't help anyone. The beta testers were the people most likely to purchase the game. They were also the people most eager to give Klei their cash to help support them, yet they gave it away for free. This undoubtedly hurt the development of Hamlet. It is a nasty chunk of money lost that could have went into Hamlet to make it the awesome DLC it could have been. Was this generous? I'd certainly like to believe that it was. But, seeing how Hamlet was rushed out unfinished, it almost seems that this may have just been an excuse to use to release it like this. This decision was baffling, they destroyed their resources and gave everyone a taste of Hamlet, but would never actually be able to develop it to its full potential because they... were making no money off of it!!!!!! DST is definitely what makes the most money and has the most players. So, that brings up one of my main questions to Klei. Why develop a DLC designed for their less popular game who's sequel was flying off the store shelves in the first place? I know for a fact their work would have been much better off and rewarded if Hamlet was designed from the ground up for DST. I'm glad they are listening, but why was the DLC released out of EA if they still planned on adding new content? Admittedly, this is most likely due to the high demand for one, but why was it not added before it left EA? And, its going to take a lot more than a teleportato to help Hamlet reach its full potential....... They have chosen to stay quiet too, which is also not helping. I believe they would be better off coming out and admitting they messed up, but their hasn't been a word. If anything, this is making people more upset. This is content that was promised in the roadmap, but never actually released. I hate to say it, but that makes it a lie. I do not condone rude behavior, but people absolutely have the right to be upset . Quite rude of you to say that, but anyways what he is saying is true. We love Klei so we give them free passes, but any other customer has no reason to stick around if they are disappointed in something. Saved this for last as it is pretty unrelated and really just my opinion. I would have preferred what Wheeler is right now to have been the Warbucks rework. Her perks fit him very well, and I am disappointed in the way she looks. I just don't like her design at all.
  13. [Game Update] - 333702

    I don't understand this one bit. DS is dead, it factually is. It has far less players and a DLC designed for DST would have been much more beneficial to Klei. I love Klei too, so why should they keep wasting their time making content for a game they will barely get anything in return for? Hamlet was free for beta testers, and I pointed out why giving it out for free like that was silly already. But, people did pay for Hamlet, so even that argument doesn't work here.
  14. [Game Update] - 333702

    Oh no, this is disappointing and the kind of thing I was afraid of. As many have pointed out, Hamlet is unfinished. Most of us were expecting a delay. This release really does seem to just be a rush job to get Hamlet out of Klei's hair. Was this the result of lack of resources? Time? Team members? If it was the result of any of these reasons I listed, I really do believe you should consider merging the DST and DS single player teams. The time to drop DS single player is long over due, if the time spent on developing Hamlet was instead spent on a massive DST DLC like update, I think Klei would be in a much better situation. Giving away 12k copies for free was indeed very silly and made 0 sense from a business stand point. Was it just to have an excuse for Hamlet to release like this? I'd like to not believe that, but eesh. Starting a DLC for an already dead game who's sequel is flying off the steam shelves was a questionable decision. You are both very talented teams and I believe it would be extremely beneficial for you guys to stop trying to keep DS single player alive for whatever reason, DST is more popular in a much better position. All of your hard work and creative ideas would have been so much better off if they were designed with DST in mind.
  15. Most people just go in and afk 6 hours with the stream in the background.... this does not help the streamers. Its just "fake viewers" really. I'm not saying some people aren't into watching streams, just that a good amount of people do not find this entertaining at all. I personally could not care less to watch them. And once again 6 hours is a decent amount of time, some people don't have time for this, and even if they did would not want to spend it watching someone else play a game they would much rather actually be playing. Maybe a few, but its not worth it. I know a majority of these people just do what I do, mute the stream and let it run in the background. They would get much more out of just selling the skins themselves as an option, they can still leave the Twitch drops on too as another option. If your afking the stream there is no way for you to be enjoying the stream. You aren't there, its just an extra number on the total viewers. It does nothing. This is pretty shady. I know its frowned upon doing things like this on Twitch. Its basically like using bots to inflate the view count. I do not agree with the system. There are other ways to promote streamers..... this just doesn't feel right. Not to mention if I was a streamer I would feel awful knowing that the majority of my viewers aren't actually here to watch me, but just to afk and get skin drops! Or just make them purchasable right now and get a much more direct flow of money. Once again, I doubt the fake viewers even help that much. But yeah, the system is lame. I don't see what would be wrong with making the set purchasable/weavable after all the drops are released in the set, assuming they have no plans on changing how the system works right now. Like the circus set should be purchasable/weavable right now. It makes no sense that it is not. This wouldn't exactly eliminate the issue, as people would still just afk in streams, but that's what the system encourages. That's why I think its flawed and it would be much more beneficial to just sell it as a skin pack.