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An idea for the new disease system

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The new disease system arrived with the latest update, but it is very unclear on how it works or rather on how you know when your duplicants are infected with some sort of internal pathogen and that makes it chance based whether your duplicants get ill or not.

My idea against this was some sort of building that can detect if your duplicant is carrying a pathogen inside of them (inside because we are in fact able to see the surface germs but not the ones internally) currently.

I would call the building "Ooze-analyzer" (Ooze because dupes are made out of some sort of genetic ooze), a building that can, after usage, give you exact data about the analyzed duplicant and if they are running risk to get ill (with that you could also prepare for them getting sick by putting them into quarantine)


The building and raw data:

  • In the research tree, it would be somewhere, where you already have the ability to get plastic and access to advanced medical buildings
  • Its item cost would roughly be 200kg of plastic and 600kg of refined metal
  • Its size would be 4x2 (looking like a tube that scans the duplicant when walking through it, also with a direction based system like with sinks)
  • In order to build it, you would require a duplicant with the skills "Electrical Engineering" and "Duplicant Care"
  • Its power requirement would be 480W per duplicant passing through
  • If duplicants walk through, their total speed would be reduced by 50% as long as they are being scanned (if walking in enabled scan direction)
  • This building would require no duplicant to be used
  • This building would have an automation output if a duplicant with the possibilty of getting sick would walk through
  • The building would generate no heat
  • The building would give -5 decor in a 1 tile range (also inside of the machine)
  • This building would also act like a drywall/tempshiftplate (making it possible to seal space exposed tiles)


This idea came to my mind when I saw that the new disease system is now based on percentages, instead of an exact amount of germs, in order to get infected, what makes it luck based and in order to remove this "luck" factor, this machine would make it a little easier since it tells if you have to prepare for an outbreak of an illness or if there is no need to panic.


I hope the idea makes some sense, if there are problems or unexplained holes in this concept, feel free to criticize it.

Thanks for reading!

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