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A Quick Pip Question

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Hello Everyone,

The last few hours, I've been trying targeted pip planting.  Before I started, I looked up a couple guides on pip behavior (i.e.: nakomaru's post).  So, i learned about spacing, using ladders to order planting, and the right to left, top to bottom approach.  Everything was okay for the first two plants (oxyfern, then arbor tree), then we stalled.  After 5 cycles, slot 3 was still barren.  I ended up deconstructing the ladder above the 4th natural tile, and almost instantly a pip planted a seed.  No problems were encountered with the planting of plots 4-7.  In the end, I got everything in the room that I wanted.  I cannot understand why the pips refused to plant in the 3rd plot.  There was a pip egg on the natural tile at that location, but there was also one on plot 5 which did not cause a conflict.  I'm hoping someone with more pip experience can explain the issue to me, so that I may avoid such mistakes in the future.  Thanks in advance!

Note: At the time of planting, the critter drop-off and grooming stations were just ladders.  I thought buildings might be the conflict.



Pip Planting.jpg

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