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  1. Are you sure he didn’t die from slime lung? Doesn’t that suffocate dupes?
  2. To get a lot of pufts, you have egg producing rooms that are groomed, but you dump most of the eggs into an ungroomed room. You could get 34 pufts while only grooming 6 or so. It’s a pretty complex setup - but sustainable. Also, as someone else said, fertilizer adds complexity, but reduces the number of pufts needed. Lastly, you *can* get polluted water to polluted oxygen without shenanigans. You can make a comb-shaped monstrosity of airflow tiles, where he comb is empty space. Fill the empty space with polluted water. This simply maximizes the surface area of the polluted water. So, it doesn’t feel cheaty. I’d you want a no-bottle cheat-like approach, you can use infinite storage of fluid approaches and get larger tiles of polluted water. Larger tiles offgas more.
  3. The largest dirt source is PW to polluted O2 (100%) to puft slime (50%) to cooking the slime (another 50%). Net 25%. If I remember correctly, you can get enough polluted water from bathrooms and showers to feed a dupe. Or close to that. You only get 4% (?) from the sieve and compost. So, you need more PW sources.
  4. When you cook slime or algae into dirt, it turns into a dirt block that you have to dig. When you dig a block, you lose half the mass. That’s the 50% loss that you’re probably thinking about. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or not. It’s a pretty big ingrained part of the game at this point, though.
  5. I think the biggest problem here, since this game is closer to release, is that liquid locks isn’t an obvious discoverable solution. Having a building called, “airlock” is a pretty big distraction in that discovery. Moreover, liquid locks are vastly superior to the mechanized airlock in every way, other than the “wet” debuff. Which, by the way, you can avoid if you convince the dupes to hop through the liquid lock. The game needs to do one of: - have in game documentation or a tutorial about liquid locks (my top pick) - buff existing solutions or create an easy building that does this - something that matches he strength of liquid locks (unlikely) - debuff liquid locks (unlikely)
  6. Math checks out for running refinery. 838 kdtu/s for 838 W (approx. avg) Refinery takes 1200 W for 2330 kdtu/s when making Steel (source: Petrol pipes for heat transfer is pretty trivial. It looks around net neutral for iron.
  7. Snarky. It’s like you’re prepping for when blocked ports reduces output power and pre-providing a workaround. Clever. Edit: I guess you say that clearly in your post. I didn’t read it the first time through
  8. [Game Update] - 289764

    Maybe the tepidizer should simply produce less heat energy for its wattage? Although, I’m not sure what that would be, since the aquatuner is 1200W for >1MDTU and I think 1 MDTU for 960W is already too much. I can make a steam turbine producing more wattage than that with that much heat. Although, it’s a bit more complex than the diagrams here
  9. [Game Update] - 288927

    If steam turbines deleted less heat, then you would just make more of them to delete more heat. And get more power. If they delete any heat, it has to be lots. Or none.
  10. I think the implication is that a rocket with a research module can bring some back. If so, yikes! Seriously late game materials!
  11. There are a number of creative exploits to get gassed or liquids to overpressure. They all seem to involve putting a separate element at low quantity to get in the way of. Since the game fundamentally lacks mixing or partial pressures, this seems implausible to fix. However, that’s not true. There is a hacky way: Before outputting from a vent, check the pressure from the location where the element will be pushed to. That should approximate partial pressure nicely. Possibly even better: check the average pressure of the same element within 5 reachable squares of the vent. Which might be technically easier and smooth out a lot of strange behaviors. This second option may also be appropriate to give steam turbines some implementation sanity. Perhaps allow them to be rebalanced, since the exploits would be removed. With the addition of reservoirs, I think now is a good time for this fix.