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Request for Boss sketches and some more trinkets

More bosses sketches and trinkets  

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  1. 1. Would you like if those bosses had a figure sketch in there drop so you could build statues of there greatness ?

    • Yes all of those answers.
    • Toadstool, a statue of a giant fungus
    • Bee queen, a statue of her screeching
    • Ancient guardian, (i dont actually have and idea for that statue sorry ;-;)
    • Ancient fuelweaver, a statue of the head of the one and only
    • Antlion, a statue of a the antlion pose when she spawn the sand castle
    • Klaus, a statue of a loot stash on top of a pillar with to antlers coming from the side
    • I don't mind it doesn't really affect me
    • No it's not a good idea
  2. 2. Would you like more chess piece trinkets (like the pawn, the king and the queen chess pieces) ?

    • Yes ! Let's play chess
    • It wont change my life but sure
    • No ! no more trinkets

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I personnaly love base building and adding some bosses statue to the mix. It feels like trophies to have those statues hehehe. But i find it sad that most of the bosses don't have a figure sketch. I wanted to know what was your opinion on that subject.

I haven't added spider queen and the tree guard in that pole because i consider them sub-boss and people would just get over baring amount of sketches over time. (Maybe if it was a rare drop they could also have a sketch)


I also find the little trinket of chess pieces really cute. I would love to build a tiny chest section and play chess with those trinkets against other players. I know you can do that with the chess statues and that the there's already a butt load of trinkets in the game but those would really fit well since we already have the rook, knight and bishop trinkets.

Credits to @reichull, my wonderful DST companion that started the sparks of those ideas.


Have a nice day you all :D!!!!!!

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I think it's only fair that all bosses have their statues, makes sense. I don't understand why you would want more chess pieces though, don't we have all chess pieces already?
Also, I think adding more materials that we can make statues from (Thulecite, Gold, Desert Stone, Moon Stone, etc) would be nice, but I understand that it would be very 
laborious to do so, since they would need to remake every statue model with different materials. Especially right now that Klei already has a full plate.

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12 minutes ago, Pruinae said:

I don't understand why you would want more chess pieces though, don't we have all chess pieces already?

I was referencing those trinkets :




As of now there's only the bishop, knight and rook trinkets. You get them from tumbleweed after getting the sketches for the first time with the suspicious marble. Since there's no king, queen and pawn variation, i was asking if other people would have like to see them.

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