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Strange thermo aquatuner

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Hello! I am trying to plan my new base.
For begin, I trying to calculate thermo aquatuner self heating. But experiments are contrary to theory!
For example, I pass through it 100 kg of water. In theory, temperature should be

T_0 + (c_water * m_water * 14) / (c_steel * m_aquatuner) = 20 + (4.179 * 100 000 * 14) / (0.49 * 1 200 000) = 29.95

But actually, temperature are equal 69.8.

What I do wrong?

(Thermo Aquatuner is in a vacuum, game build: LU-361684)


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What was the temperature of aquatuner before the experiment? If it was 40C (which is a default building temperature it's 20C, not 40C), then everything is right, it heated up 29 degrees and is now 69C.

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Heat capacity of most/all buildings except tiles is magically 5 times lower. Thats why you rise 50C instead of 10C.

Why is this? Why is this not explained? But hey, what other game can you use air-conditioners to make seas of molten metal?

But its there, and your experiment confirms it: 5 times more temperature rise than expected. 


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Yeah, I've made the same experiment and did some calculations and it all checks out.

It doesn't matter in most of the simple cases though, because when you cool down the aquatuner externally it's ~5 times (4.9? My calculations may be a bit off) easier to do it.

In my experiment, I've exposed 20C aquatuner to 141 kg of 40C water (same heat capacity as 1200 kg of steel), and without the 5x heat exchange the equilibrium should have been 30C, but in reality it's 36.6C, which checks out:

40 -> 36.6
140kg * 4.18 * 3.4deg = 1989kDTU

20 -> 36.6
1200kg * 0.49 * 16.6deg = 9760kDTU

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