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  1. I guess, depending on your goals, you can always place the conveyor loader behind a door and close the door via the automation to prevent it from being loaded. It will require more space, but otherwise would work the same without any mods.
  2. I feel like all I'm doing on this forum is defending the ethanol power generation. You don't have to spend that amount of power to maintain the plant. One generator gives you just below 1kW pure power, and if it's not - you are doing it wrong. You spend 960W on distillers, 18W on water pump for self-cooling and water removal and 92W on auto sweepers. I can give you exact calculations if you want me to. The output is 930W of pure power per generator and some polluted water at 40-70C depending on your setup (pwater balance of the system may be positive or negative depending on the number of wild arbor trees that you have). CO2? Oh, my, god. Forget about the CO2 already! Just ignore it, let it collect in the power station room to 200-300kg/tile until you can dig a hole to space and release it. I've had a base with ethanol as the main source of power (4 generators running forever sustainably). It does not overheat. It does not need maintenance. If you need more details, see here: